Pre-Order Stunt

June 5, 2007

Store: Best Buy
Location: Toledo, OH
Employee: The Man with the Photographic Memory
Submitted By: Kid Chameleon

Ok, this hasn’t actually finished playing out yet, but I went to Best Buy the other night to pre-order a Limited Edition copy of Jade Empire for Xbox cause I guess the limited edition has an extra playable character and some other extras and you can only get it from Pre-Order (at least that’s what i heard). So anyways, I had looked on Best Buy’s website and saw they had the regular, but not the limited edition available for preorder (I had to order at Best Buy cause I have a games giftcard). So I get over there, and ask about the limited edition, and the guy there told me that he’d remember me, and put one aside so when I come in to get it there will be a limited edition waiting there for me instead of the regular game. I don’t see how this is going to happen considering I don’t even know if BB is getting the limited edition, this guy didn’t take down any of my information, I bought a pre-order for the regular version, and who knows if he’s even going to be working when I go to pick it up. Normally, I would’ve just gone somewhere else cause I thought that claim sounded pretty ridiculous, but like I said I have a giftcard and the only reason I’m even buying the game is because of that.

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