Not everyone is flattered by an ID check

June 6, 2007

Store: GameStop

Location: Concord, NC at 160 Concord Commons Place SW Suite D-2
Employee Description: Average Moron
Submitted By: TheHeartlessHero

Gamestop was having some kind of sale with stuff up to 50% off so figured why not check it out. I look around multiple times trying to find games I want and games that make good gifts. They have only 2 small bins in the entire store all with mostly crappy games/accessories marked down. I pick out what I want including a copy of Rumble Roses marked down to $5. I thought since it was only $5, why not. I go to purchase my games and he rings them up. Now I look nothing like a child at all but he still decided to card me. I did not have my ID and was kinda miffed because it should be ‘when in doubt, check id.’ I see these same morons checking ID on people with graying hair! He rings me up and my total is $50 or something. I had one used game in the lot and he did his little preorder/magazine stint. What I found hilarious was that he was like “If you spend $14 now, you’ll get a 1yr subscription to Game Informer and save 50 cents.” The guy wouldn’t take no for an answer the first couple of times and kept trying to resell it but I was finally able to make my purchase and leave that place called hell.


6 Responses to “Not everyone is flattered by an ID check”

  1. skytso Says:

    First, they say to check everyone’s ID. No matter what. I use my better judgement, but some people just ask everyone. Also, for any credit cards we’re supposed to ask for ID also. Regardless, the best way to handle that is to just remember that that part time, minimum wage employee is there because he loves games and has been told 15 times today that if he doesn’t ask for ID he’ll be fired. (best case scenario)

  2. thewien Says:

    Here’s an idea: start carrying your f’in ID on you. You’re supposed to when you’re out and about driving anyways. Its not the most difficult thing in the world to show someone an ID, and if it is then you have some other problems you need to sort out.

  3. crpchamp Says:

    Wait. So we as the consumer have to put up with bad customer service because they make crappy pay and their bosses are aholes. I understand the ID and I actually agree with it.

    These so called 15 year old kids who get paid minimum wage need to take some pride in their jobs and stop treating the consumers liker dirt. I use the eb and gamestops as a last resort now because of all the horrible experiences I have had. I can go to best buy not deal with idiots and %90 of the time get my games on launch day.

    One of the main reasons I am fed up with these stores is I have sent emails, and phone calls complaining and they dont even have the time to send me a response. Even if it is a generic we are sorry and taking care of the issues letter.

  4. churchy Says:

    How terrible that the man do what his job requires him to… really it would probably kill you to carry your ID

  5. skytso Says:

    Sorry, didn’t have time earlier to finish my thought, I had to go to work to make crappy pay.

    champ, my point was that (for the most part) those kids are just trying to do their job. They have some of the worst training in retail and that’s if they get trained at all. I’m not excusing anybody from having a bad attitude, there are some people who just hate customers. I’m just trying to remind everyone that a good portion of the gamestop & eb people are cool people who have corporate bs shovelled down their throats every day.

    Does that excuse anybody from being a douche? No. Just understand. And as for the generic oops letters… they’re supposed to send them out. If you go into a store and tell them about the experience you had in the other store I’m sure you’d get an apology. (Should anyways. Would at my store)

  6. TheHeartlessHero Says:

    I submitted this. I don’t carry ID or anything unless I need it. I wasn’t driving that day so all I had was some 20s in my pocket and my phone. It’s not like I set out like “I’m going to purchase a M rated game today. Let’s not forget my ID.” Add to the fact I’ve NEVER been IDed before in that store or any store purchasing M rated games, unedited CDs, lottery tickets, etc.

    I understand that they are told to check ID. However, I do not think it’s essential to check ID of anyone over a certain age. When was the last time u saw a 14 year old look like a 40 year old? They should use some common sense. Especially if they hate dealing with customers, just ring them up, plug ur preorder/magazine stuff and let us be on our way.

    I work as a cashier as well and despise dealing with customers, however, I be as polite as possible and make it through my shift without lying to customers and giving a bad attitude. Also, I don’t ID everyone who comes up and purchases something unless either they show me their license first or they need to be proven as 18.

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