Rebuttal to “Surretard”

June 6, 2007

Original Post: Surretard
Submitted By: Anonymous

Hello Nathan, I stumbled across your website and was more than a little
surprised to find this post;

Because yeah, that was me. My names not Joe Moron, either. I was that
employee and I totally remember that entire incident. Look man, I’m just
trying to do my job. It sucks working where I work. They make you force game
insurance, second-hand software and pre-ordering onto every customer with
absolutely no incentives. If I can lie my way into some John Anybody buying
a set of speakers, then they consider that a job well done.

This isn’t a rebuttal so much as a suggestion. Remember that the employees
at major gaming chains are, for the most part, good people who have sold or
are in the process of selling their souls to the corporate giants that hand
out their paychecks. Yeah, there’s some real _ssholes that work for stores
like mine, I know quite a few. But I also know heaps of nice people who
unfortunately are in the employ of a evil retail corporation.

Thankfully, I’m not working there much longer. I’ve handed in my notice and
am leaving within a month to pursue other work. Honestly, I won’t miss
working there at all.


PS – Trading is such a rip off it boggles my mind. I’ve seen games traded in
for $5 that were then on the shelf for $94.95. That’s close to a two
thousand percent markup in price. GameStop sales hit $5.3 billion US dollars
last year, because people like me make minimum wage and sell games that are
95% profit. I hate this company.

4 Responses to “Rebuttal to “Surretard””

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  2. psychoticdream Says:

    “If I can lie my way into some John Anybody buying
    a set of speakers, then they consider that a job well done”
    so if they consider lying cheating and stealing from their consumers a good job
    does that mean YOU have to do that too?

  3. churchy Says:

    Why yes it does

    He gets fired if he doesn’t…

  4. skytso Says:

    The problem with asking questions not directly relating to gaming in a game store is that you always have that one guy who knows a little about everything. In my store it’s me. In most stores it’s people with a little less knowledge and a WHOLE lot less imagination.

    I’ll admit it. If you ask me about anything that I don’t have… I’m going to make up something. It’s not because I’m an a-hole (which I am, a little), I just get so freaking bored that if I ever get to express myself I tend to go a little overboard.

    Like somebody looking for a controller case. I suggested a padded aluminum case, like a gun case. Would it work? Yes. Is it over kill? You bet. Would I do it? Definitely!

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