Socom 2 for the PS2 for your Xbox

June 6, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Burton, MI at the Burton Mall
Employee Description: Some guy
Submitted By: Chris Ritsen

I rarely go to video game stores, so I was shocked to actually see this happen. Some woman came in and started a conversation with the clerk, saying she liked to play socom 2 online. The guy then told her she could play it (ps2 disc and all) on an xbox. I would have said something had I not been laughing under my breath.


One Response to “Socom 2 for the PS2 for your Xbox”

  1. skytso Says:

    I’ve got nothing. Normally I try and give the other side of the story, but this… If you ever go into an EB or Gamestop again, please tell this story and laugh hysterically with the clerks there.

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