The “last two copies” he was holding for himself

June 6, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Athens, GA at the Georgia Square Mall
Employee: Some sniffling, watery-eyed guy
Submitted By: Sam

A friend and I stopped into a store to buy GTA:SA on the day it came out.

Clerk: Do you have a preorder?
Me: No, neither of us do.
Clerk: Well we’re sold out . . . but I do have two last copies that I was holding for myself. I’ll sell them to you, but you guys should be sure to get a pre-order next time.

He was actually trying to make us feel bad for not pre-ordering! It was a blatant lie.

First, why would he hold more than one copy for himself? I doubt the store would even let him do that. And even if he really was holding them, wouldn’t he have bought them first thing when he came into work? Second, why would he give away his personal copies, especially for two random customers that weren’t even regulars at his store, especially when he could have sent us to any number of stores in the area to get it?

It has to be the only time someone has tried to guilt trip me into pre-ordering a game.

One Response to “The “last two copies” he was holding for himself”

  1. skytso Says:

    Some people just can’t sell a pre-order. Usually my main reason for pre-ordering something is that they’re planning on buying it anyway, so why not pre-order it? Make life easier on yourself.

    I’ve seen alot of sales techniques in my day and people who try guilt selling are never really successful. It’s not new, and you’re not the first person it’s been used on. My previous manager actually used it all the time, he just disguised it really well.

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