Detroit is the new Liberty City

June 7, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Hamtramck, Michigan
Employee Description: New Guy
Submitted By: Jeff from Detroit

This particular Gamestop is very close to my house; a 5 minute ride maybe in heavy traffic. Because of this I usually buy my games from there, despite all the hassles.

I was in picking up some game (that I did pre-order btw); Crackdown I think. Anyway they start trying to push more reserves on me; I usually reserve anything I want anyway so I had everything I was interested in already reserved. This guy who was new because I never saw him there before that day starts running down a list of popular upcoming games. I answer “already reserved” to each one till he gets to GTA IV. I tell him I have no interest as of yet, maybe I’ll reserve when I hear more about it, then he tells me the game is set entirely in Detroit!

Hamtramck is a small city enclosed entirely within Detroit so I live in Detroit as well. I don’t buy it because there’s no way this trained monkey knows anything that far in advance about the game and I pass but I have to wonder how many other people he got with that load of BS.

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