I refused to “preorder push” or, How I felt dirty working at EB: Part 1

June 7, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Pittsford, NY
Employee Description: Toothless Gray Manager F**k and Goatee Pervert Asst Manager
Submitted By: Mass Debater

For 6 months I worked in my local EB Games. I was told to push preorders, and “GPG’s” (Game Play Guarantee’s) and at the time the company offered you “SPIFF” (No idea what that stood for) – SPIFF was a commission on the amount of GPG’s you got.

Well a month after I started there they introduced the magazine give away. The shadiest thing I’ve ever seen, if you paid for your bill with a credit card, a slip would print out for me to give to you to sign up for a magazine. You got the first 2 months free, but then your credit card got billed for a 1 year subscription. We got a few bucks (SPIFF) for each one of these we pushed. I never felt right about this promotion and I always told customers that they would eventually get billed.

Toothless Gray pulls me into his office, to tell me that I need to push the magazines better. That I needed to stop telling the customers they would get billed, not to say they wouldn’t just to stop saying they would, so I could get more of them to go along. I told him I had a really tough time doing that, then finally I resorted to lying and told him that I would work on pushing them more.

A week goes by and I haven’t a single customer signed up, so Goatee Pervert pulls me aside and tells me how to handle getting them to sign. “All you do is tell them they paid with a certain amount of money, for example their total comes to $25.99 say ‘You spent over 25 today so you qualify for 2 free months of as many magazines as you’d like’ (meanwhile the more magazines they signed for, the more the company would get) then if they ask if they’ll get billed, just tell them no.” I watched him pull this tactic several times. To many unsuspecting people just trying to get their games and leave.

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