“It’s insane, I know. They’re selling it at a $200 loss”

June 7, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Lawrenceville, GA, Collins Hill Road
Employee Description: Sweaty, balding fatty.
Submitted By: Emerl

Ok, so I was there to pick up my copy of Guitar Hero 2 for the 360. Oddly enough, this happened to be the day after they announced Rock Band (and obscenely expensive version of Guitar hero with multiple instruments.) So, I pay for the game, get my change, and put away the reciept, the guy is handing me the game, and says  “Would you like to preorder Rock Band? Have you heard about it?” “Yeah, I’ve heard about it. It sounds a little expensive for me though, thanks.” And I try to walk away, but this guy is persistent. “No, man, it’s cheap. It’s only gonna be $60 and include everything. It’s insane, I know. They’re selling the freaking game at a $200 loss. It’s incredible!” “Wow, that is incredible. I’m fine with Guitar Hero 2, thank you.” “Suit yourself, don’t come crying to me once all your friends are making a Rock Band online and you-” I don’t know what he said after that, because I had closed the door on my way out.


One Response to ““It’s insane, I know. They’re selling it at a $200 loss””

  1. pilsner Says:

    You should seriously consider going back in there after Rock Band comes out and going back up to that guy and bawling your eyes out because he was right.

    “All my friends are making a cool Rock Band online stuff and I’m not! I didn’t believe you, I thought it was a hard sell, but you were right! Why didn’t I listen to you?!”

    Make it a ridiculous scene. It would be hilarious.

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