Are you kidding me?

June 8, 2007

Store: GameStop #2444
Location: Forest Hill Ave.; Richmond, VA
Employee Description: Manager, Slick
Submitted By: V582

I pre-ordered the 360’s HD-DVD drive months before release at this same hellhole. Even decided to take the day off so the wife and I could watch some HD-DVD movies that I had ordered and received prior to the drive’s release.

Well, the release day comes and I call to make sure they had gotten the shipment in already and that they still were not waiting on UPS.

Manager: Yeah we got them in but we only received 2 and they are gone.
Me: Are you kidding me?! I pre-ordered the damn thing.
Manager: You pre-ordered?
Me: This is ridiculous. This is the second time I’ve been burned by your store.
Manager: Look, if you come to the store we’ll figure a way to help you out.
Me: Ok. At the very least, I’ll be coming there to get my money back.

So, I head to the store only to discover that, yet again, an employee, Slick, had been given preference over a regular pre-ordering customer. They offer Slick’s drive to me. I buy it. I start to have second thoughts as I get in my car. I head to Circuit City and see if they have the HD-DVD drives in-stock. They do. I buy one. Make my way back to the Gamestop and walk-in with the large bag I had only left with shortly before.

Me: I want to return this. I just can’t buy from or support your store anymore.
Manager: Oh.
Me: And please refund all my other pre-order money back to me. (I had several other games preordered at this store.)

He did as I asked and I left, never to return. Beyond that, I’ve vowed never, EVER to do business with Gamestop/EB Games again.

May the company rot.


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