Blacks and Mexicans don’t like being treated with the same respect as white people

June 8, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Central Texas
Employee Description: Skinny
Submitted By: Phil

I worked at GameStop for one day. I went it and, i guess i was in my “training” period. They had me organizing the shelves. I was told that since i was new, it was required to “pad me down” before i left the store to assure i didn’t take anything. I didn’t like the idea of being frisked at work, but whatever.

Anyway, the main manager was working the first half of my shift, and i noticed that he was treating people rudely. When he left i asked the assistant manager why the main dude was so rude to the customers. He said, “Oh, you mean the Blacks and Mexicans?”

I said no. I noticed he was being rude to everyone. And the ass. manager said that he was “only rude to the blacks and mexicans because they respond better to being treated rudely. That they don’t like being treated with respect.” No joke.

I told he that what he was saying was racist and he insisted that it wasn’t racist, it was just the truth. When we closed, he sure enough frisked me and he actually stuck his fingers in my socks. weird. When we got outside he asked me if i could give him a ride to his house. The next day i decided to call corporate in Grapevine, TX, to make a complaint against him. I made the complaint and a few days later i got a call back from someone higher up and he was asking me questions like i had made the stuff up. Anyway, he said that he would look into it and if there was a reason to replace him. He would. I didn’t go back to work there but last time i checked, he was still working there as an ass. manager.

One Response to “Blacks and Mexicans don’t like being treated with the same respect as white people”

  1. David Says:

    See, there’s 2 things going on here. First is the social ineptitude of the managers involved. They sound like a couple of racist idiots. Second is that the policy about checking people out is enforced different ways by different managers. The frisking is completely wrong, it’s absolutely against policy to have any contact when checking out. In fact it’s against policy to actually touch anything in another person’s bag.

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