Microsoft isn’t making any 360s

June 8, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC on 10748 Kings Road
Employee Description: Mary Katherine Gallagher, ’nuff said
Submitted By: YuSaKu

2005 was a pretty good year for my wife and I, and she really wanted to get
me something special for Christmas. So while we were out shopping, she
decided that we should go over to EB Games.

We went to the one I usually visited, located in Colonial Mall. The first
thing I noticed was all these signs up saying that this store would not be
taking any orders for the Xbox 360. Suddenly my wife changed her mind, and
we left. We went across the street, and saw signs up advertising the ‘Grand
Opening’ of a NEW EB Games store. We went there.

Once we were inside, my wife announced to me that she was going to pre-order
a 360 for me. The employee who ended up taking the pre-order was the store
manager, who bore a striking resemblance to the woman from Saturday Night
Live who does the “Superstar!” routine.

We asked all the right questions: How many units will you receive on LAUNCH
DAY (Not Launch WEEK, or Launch MONTH), What comes in the Premium bundle,
How much do we have to put down, etc.

After some debating, my wife decides to pay the bill in full, even though
she was only required to pay $10. Why? Because the store manager told her,
right in front of me, that if she paid in full, she was GUARANTEED a Premium
system on LAUNCH DAY. I was skeptical, but it was my wife’s decision, so I
let it pass. We were given a number on the list (#4), and were told that
since the store had only been open a few hours, we were the FIRST CUSTOMERS
to place a pre-order for a 360. Who were the first three? The employees.

Fast forward to launch day. I called the store at noon to see when we could
pick up the 360. The manager answered, and I could tell by the tone of her
voice that something was wrong. She told me that they only got in ONE
SYSTEM, and to call back NEXT WEEK.

I did the sensible thing: I called every day for the rest of that week, and
then called the district manager. He informed me that what the manager did
was not only unethical business practice, it was a lie; he was standing in
the warehouse, and there were plenty of 360 units. So as soon as I got off
the phone with him, I called the store again. This time I got another
employee, who told me that Microsoft wasn’t making anymore 360 units until
after February, and I would have to wait until then to get one.

That was the last straw. I went down to the store the next day, determined
to leave with either the 360 my wife paid for, or a refund. The manager was
there, and after some discussion, she REFUSED to issue us a refund. I was
about to commit an act of murder when another employee came out of the stock
room with a Premium 360 bundle.

Well, she very well couldn’t refuse to give it to me when it was out in
plain sight, so I went over and took it from him. A week later, I was in the
neighborhood, so I went back to the store to see if I could get more
information about what was going on. The manager was not there, and the
other employees did not recognize me, so I was able to eavesdrop on their
conversation. Apparantly, the manager had been selling the 360’s that came
in to her employees and friends so that they could all sell them together on
Ebay and split the profit.

I tried to get back in touch with that district manager, but always got an
automated voice mail. About a month later, I was told over the phone that he
no longer worked for the company. The manager in question is, as far as I
know, still there.

One Response to “Microsoft isn’t making any 360s”

  1. David Says:

    Yup, rumor has it that that DM got fired over some other unethical practices. I would suggest hitting up the website and sending some nasty e-mails. More then likely you won’t get anything from it, but if nothing else it’ll make you feel better!

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