Sold Out II for the Xbox 360

June 8, 2007

Store: GameStop #2444
Location: Forest Hill Ave.; Richmond, VA
Employee Description: Manager, Balding McPrick
Submitted By: V582

I pre-ordered a copy of Lego Star Wars II for the 360. Release day comes and I go to pick the game up only to discover that they are sold out. The manager told me they got 2 copies in and they are gone.

During this conversation, Balding McPrick walks in holding an opened copy of the game. Balding over hears our conversation and proclaims, “It’s a good thing I brought this copy back!” I say, “Are you going to give me that game at the used price?”

There was silence. I break it.

“Just give me my reserve money back. I’ll go somewhere else.”

I would have been ok had they given me the used price but they weren’t going to make that concession. The fact that they obviously put the employees borrowing policy over a customer’s pre-order rubbed me wrong.


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