The DS Lite Browser will work in your old DS

June 8, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg, PA
Employee Description: Unsure Guy
Submitted By: G1ZM0

I asked specifically and was told that that was the only one they stock so it must work in both the Lite and original DS. I’m glad I checked online before I opened it. The difference between the two is the memory card that goes in the GBA slot. The Lite version fits flush with the DS Lite meaning it won’t fit in the old DS’s.


3 Responses to “The DS Lite Browser will work in your old DS”

  1. madphilb Says:

    The sad thing is that the display boxes sent out to stores by Nintendo include this information on them, if anyone takes the time to read (DS Lite only, Original DS version available online).

  2. David Says:

    It says it all over everything… Anyone working in a game store should know enough that if it says “DS Lite” on the package, it DOESN’T work for the original DS. Once again I’m amazed by the idiocy of people. If there’s ever a question, the employee should ask somebody who might know. It’s not that hard to shout to the manager or call another store for confirmation on something.

  3. dirtmound Says:

    Well, actually… You can pop the little piece of plastic at the edge off and fold over a piece of tape and tape that onto the cart and it’ll work just fine in your Phat. Sure, you’ve killed the trade-in value, but then, we all know about the trade-in scam now, don’t we?

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