Magazine FTL (For The Lose)

June 11, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Houston, TX in West Oaks Mall
Employee Description: Bald Dork, Mr. Mag Pusher
Submitted By: MidnightScott

So just last year in June 2006, I called around the stores because I had garnered interest in a game called Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the DS. The guy on the phone at the store in the mall said he had it, so we went down there, and he sold me it used for $22 exactly if I signed up for Game Informer Magazine. You know honestly I didn’t want another magazine since I had Nintendo Power, and the guy seemed really pushy.

My mom asked me if I wanted it so I just rolled my eyes and said go ahead. So we wasted that extra $14.99 or whatever it cost on some crappy Game Informer magazine. I read the first issue and already knew it was worthless, they were a bunch of Sony fanboys. And I just NOW discovered that the magazine is owned by GameStop Corp…which just really ticked me off.

2 Responses to “Magazine FTL (For The Lose)”

  1. dirtmound Says:

    Game Informer is worthless because you think it’s run by a bunch of Sony Fanboys, but Nintendo Power is OK? Oh yeah, that makes sense. Oh wait… no it doesn’t. You lose.

  2. madphilb Says:

    While I understand your irritation with your treatment by the clerk, the Magazine itself overall is pretty fair. I can usually smell Sony Fanboy BS a mile away (*cough* G4 at E3 in ’05 *cough*) and GameInformer isn’t really it. The issue you read may have been slanted that way, might have even been a heavy Sony month (with PS3 and all).

    I’ve often found them to be ahead of the game. May ’07 GI had 8-10 page spread on GTA 4, June ’07 EGM had 1 page of retreaded snapshots of the Teaser Trailer. Similarly in late ’05, early ’06 they covered Bioshock with 2-3 times the content and a month earlier than another magazine at around the same time (a feature cover story for both).

    And if you really want to “stick it to them” for it, get some use out of the magazine and the discount card. Read the magazine, use the coupons, and get your discounts/bonuses on the trades and used games you buy.

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