Ship Date vs. Release Date

June 11, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Anaheim Hills, CA
Employee Description: Cool Guy with the motorcycle & Manager
Submitted By: UCRJed

The day Mario Party 8 came out for Wii I went to a Target figuring they would have it for sure, but the guy in electronics said they had not been unpacked yet so it would be a while. So I decided to go to another shopping center with both GameStop and Target. I went to GameStop first, thinking I’d get in and out.

I walked up and there was an employee sitting there on his motorcycle in front of the store. I asked him if they had the game and he told me they would be in the next day. I asked him if he knew if Target had them yet. His manager walked by and said if they are selling them they are in big trouble, it’s not launch day. He then goes on to tell me that today is “ship day” and nobody can sell the game until the next day. They also told me I should pre-order the game and I would be guaranteed a copy the next morning. They both agreed that neither Target nor anywhere else would have the game to sell. I walked next door to Target and bought the game 2 minutes later.

4 Responses to “Ship Date vs. Release Date”

  1. lowerhousemember Says:

    I used to work at Target in electronics, and nobody there understood the whole ship date vs. street date thing either. Unless the shipping box has a big “DO NOT SELL BEFORE ____” label on it, it should go out right away. Not that anyone in management bothered to explain anything to new employees.

    In fact, nobody even bothered to bring out the new games from the back. I worked Friday-Sunday, and the first thing I did when I came in Fridays was go in the back room and bring out all the new games that had come in earlier that week.

    I told my co-workers and they just shrugged and said that we’re supposed to wait for the back room crew to bring the games out to us. I also told the manager numerous times, and while he would always thank me for helping out he never did anything about the problem.

  2. David Says:

    The worst part about this is that most of the employees of the back room crew don’t look for the “DO NOT SELL…” labels. The Target around the corner from me is always selling stuff early. And they can get in trouble for it. And they should.

    It hurts the companies that actually hold to release dates. We always have problems with that kinda thing. People fuss about us not having games out when the other guys in the area do. Best Buy and Target and Wal-mart are all within a mile or so and all of them break street date.

  3. madphilb Says:

    Ship Date vs Street Date is a strange thing, and it’s not consistent throughout the country.

    Some titles (NCAA, Madden, Halo, many large Nintendo Titles, and Movie tie-in games) have a Street Date which retailers are not to sell before. Nintendo Fined Walmart for “breaking street” on the Black and Pink DS Lites (a local Target had one employee who didn’t get the concept putting them out at night and a more in touch one putting them away in the morning).

    Other titles will list a release date for them, for instance this week Overlord is listed for 6/26/07 however many stores in many areas will not get the game until 6/27/07. If the game comes in before that date, it can be sold (except the pre-orders that would be held for those customers).

    It’s a confusing thing for not just the customers, but many employees of retail outlets (and sadly many do not care either).

  4. astevn816 Says:

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