Such is the Way of “Customer Service”

June 11, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Crossroads Mall, Oklahoma City, OK
Employee Description: Manager was a goatee wearing *sshole in his mid to late 30’s, the clerk was balding and a few years older and was probably the manager’s brother-in-law.
Submitted By: Twist

Sometime in the summer of 2005 I went into the GameStop location where I had done most of my game related purchasing for many, many years (I used to buy SNES games there when it was a Babbage’s). I had finally decided to reserve an Xbox 360 and I wanted to pick up Far Cry: Instincts for the Xbox and as usual browse through the used games to see if there were any gems.

When I walked into the store I was disappointed to see that the only people working were the manager and this older *sshole. Usually I avoided both of them as much as possible because besides being rude as hell neither of them seemed to know shit about games other than the preprogrammed BS that GameStop feeds them. The manager was “helping” a couple with some questions about the Xbox 360 which they wanted to get their son for Christmas. I had to stop myself from giving these people better information because half of what he was saying was complete lies. For example he told them that you had to have a Play & Charge Kit for every single wireless controller, period, and that games and accessories were going to be as hard to find as the consoles.

After looking around a bit I went up to the other employee who was just standing around behind the counter looking like he had forgotten to bring his brain to work with him that day. I told him that I wanted a copy of Far Cry: Instincts and that I wanted to reserve a 360. At this point he tells me that they are no longer reserving 360’s and he then wastes about 5 minutes of my time trying to get me to reserve games and accessories for the 360. Once I finally convince him that I am not going to reserve anything for a system that I might not be able to get he just zones out on me and starts staring at the counter.

While this is going on the manager has duped the couple into reserving a wireless controller, two play & charge kits, a couple of games and their strategy guides, a prepaid things of MS Points, a year of Xbox Live Gold (with the extra headset), and a couple of memory units (even though the couple was interested in the premium model of 360) all for a console that they probably wouldn’t be able to get until January. The manager had successfully convinced them that accessories and games were going to be as hard to find as the systems. I bet this guy used to be a used car sales man.

Cut back to the clerk pulling the lost-in-la-la-land routine: about two minutes goes by like this (if I wasn’t patient I probably would have stopped doing business with GameStop way sooner than this) when another customer walks into the store (it was dead that day, besides the couple and me this is the only other customer who had been in the store since I got there) and this one is something special. She is a super MILF (not just a regular MILF, a SUPER MILF). So the clerk wakes up and immediately asks her if he can help her. She starts asking something about something for the GBA for her son and I interrupt her. I say “Excuse me, do you not want to sell me the game I asked for?” and the clerk says “Oh I will be with you in just a minute.” and I said “No you were helping me first so you will be with her in just a minute.” At this point the manager asks us what is going on and I tell him and he says “Oh well we are really busy he will be right with you.”

I was being calm up to this point but this just pissed me off. This was probably going on 10 minutes since I told the clerk what I wanted and about 9 minutes after I should have left the store with the game I wanted. So I told them both that if this is what passed for customer service around here then I don’t need to do business with them anymore. The manager made some snide remark that I didn’t fully catch as I was leaving and him and the clerk had a good laugh.

I took my money across the street to Best Buy and I have only been in that GameStop once since then and I have been avoiding the chain as much as possible.


One Response to “Such is the Way of “Customer Service””

  1. David Says:

    The title says it all… The quality of service you receive is directly proportional to how hot the person serving you thinks you are.

    This isn’t always true and should never be true, but 9 times out of 10 I’m going to pay more attention to a lady with a nice body then anybody else just because I’m already looking that way and need to cover for myself. 😛

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