Ex EB Employee Rant

June 12, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: San Francisco, CA
Employee Description: Rude Lady & Suspicious Clerk
Submitted By: Jaegerneo

I used to work at the San Francisco Powell EB Games about 2 years ago, and yes the turnover rate is very high as one poster mentioned. I originally wanted to work there for the supposedly fun environment but over time that was impossible due to the store being understaffed for a busy location (downtown SF is a big shopping/tourist area) and the stupid sale pushes we had to do to “earn” work hours and keep my job.

I understood exactly how many customers felt about this underhanded BS, and I tried to avoid the pushes when possible. But having my manager constantly complain about my poor sales performance (i.e. used games, membership/magazines and “game insurance”) and cutting my work hours for that and my conscience eventually made me lose interest and seek employment else where.

Coming back to the store as a customer, the current staff’s attitude and professionalism is worse than I could imagine. They are very sloppy with dealing with bonus items and one experience showed how devious the new staff can be.

I pre-ordered Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and came to pick it up on launch day. The lady I talked to was rude from the moment I started talking to her, and told me the game got delayed even though I got a call to pick it up the night before. As I requested for her to check the shipment boxes that I clearly saw coming into the store, she told me to come back tomorrow, but not before another employee comes out from the back with a crate of the games. She quietly rang my game afterwards, but that wasn’t the end of it.

They supposedly didn’t get the pre-order bonus that day and they would put my name on a list for item pickup and I had to check in the next day. So, the following day I come to pick up the item and I was greeted by another new employee and I told him of my situation. I show him my copy of the receipt for the game and without even a glance he tells me he can’t give me the item. I specifically mentioned that the item was on hold for me under my name, and asked another employee to assist me.

He finally tells the first guy there’s a hold list on the desk for the item. The first guy finally checks my receipt carefully and hands me my bonus item and even has the nerve to ask for my I.D. as if I was trying to scam them somehow by picking up a freebie.

So good riddens to that job and a shout out to all the great SF customers I’ve met over the short time I worked there.


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