“For You, Anything…”

June 12, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Hollywood, CA
Employee: Tall Blonde
Submitted by: Serpico

OK so, I’m a manager for EB Games (laugh it up). I’ve been reading your site, and I’d have to say that every single thing on here is 100% true. I’ve seen some employees do some dirty stuff to appease their managers, who in turn have to appease THEIR managers. It’s nasty and unfair, because the people who are forcing these high-pressure pre-order goals on the employees are not the ones that actually have to sell them. It creates a stressful environment where people get desperate to keep their jobs. And it makes exchanges like this happen.This happened when I was an assistant manager transferred into a new store:

Customer: “Do you have any more Halo 2?”
Tall Blonde: “All the copies I have have been reserved but I can do something for you. I’ll go ahead and sell you one anyway, but you have to reserve something else. It’s just a way to trick my computer.”
Customer: “OK, I’ll do it.”

The kicker is, this girl knew that our reserve copies were all already picked up. The copies we still had were completely and totally first come, first serve. Needless to say her numbers were high so her store manager just let it go.

That’s why when I got my own store I lay off the pre-orders. I let my employees focus on fun and enthusiasm, and sometimes that translates into pre-orders, sometimes it doesn’t. Whatever. Since my customers feel comfortable in my store, and my employees like their job, my sales are generally high even if my pre-orders are low, and no one can really argue with that.

Also, I see a lot of stories of horrendous customer service experiences on here, and while I agree that there is no excuse for an employee to be rude to a customer in most cases, you have to look at who’s training these people and how their being treated. Working in a game store should be the most fun job you can get without being naked. It’s a shame that some of these management types ruin it.

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