HD Cables for the PS2?

June 12, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Oxford Marketplace – 2580 West Jackson Avenue, Oxford, MS
Employee Description: Le Douche
Submitted by: JeffLillix

Before the Virtua Tennis 3 incident that I have already shared with this blog, I decided that I was going to buy component cables for my PS2 because I had just bought a 32″ LCD TV. I call GameStop in Tupelo, MS, where a few of my friends work and they tell me that they do not have any of the first or third party PS2 component cables so I decide to take my chances and go inside Oxford GS and wade through the bullcrap they were going to throw at me.

I walked into the back to look at the used hardware and happen across Sony component cables in really good condition. I take them to the counter to pay and after the obvious “Pre-order something for your PS2…” speech, Le Douche looks at me and tells me that I’m getting the component cables cheaper than what I should because they were actually HD cables and were put in the computer wrong. I look at him and look at the component ends of the video cable, think about how the PS2 doesn’t have HD output capabilities, laugh on the inside, and leave.

3 Responses to “HD Cables for the PS2?”

  1. aceofsevens Says:

    A few PS2 games (Like Gran Turismo 4) do support HD, but any component cable will work.

  2. madphilb Says:

    It’s possible as I’ve often seen at many of the local EB/Gamestops that the cables where priced and taken in as either standard or S-Video cables, which will be a buck or two cheaper than Component cables.

  3. nyggiantsfn80 Says:

    dude, component cables are hd.. your thinking composite cables. Component cables are the red blue green meant to hook up to an hdtv or a tv with component hook up. And ps2 has component cables..

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