It’s No Better Across The Pond

June 13, 2007

Store: GameStation (the UK’s second largest game chain)
Location: London, UK
Employee Description: Typical greasy teen
Submitted by: Daemonoid

I popped in to GameStation to buy a birthday present for my sister (I think it was ratchet & clank). Anyway, i got to the counter, the place was dead, I was the only customer in the store but the guy still took his time coming over to serve me. As he took the game from me I noticed the case was cracked so I asked if he had another one (I didn’t want to give a present that looks second hand). He got me to look on the shelf for another copy of the game – moving from behind the counter was clearly too much effort for him. Obviously, it was the last copy so I grabbed another dvd box and said I’d switch the labels over… “oh no, you can’t do that the next customer doesn’t want a cracked box.”

I tried explaining that they’ve got something like 2000 game boxes and they could just keep changing them if need be or I could swap it with some crap that won’t ever get sold. I also found out that I was the first customer of the day to actually want to buy something (it’d been open at least 2 hours). I gave up trying to give him a lesson in basic economics and just walked out and ordered online instead – cheaper & free delivery to my sisters.


4 Responses to “It’s No Better Across The Pond”

  1. christopher977 Says:

    i usually find gamestop to be pretty good where i live, the staff seem to know what there talking about, n all seem to enjoy gaming,
    Its game thats usually really bad, where they just ry n seel you the big movie releases like spiderman n stuff, that r aload of rubish
    which is why im so anoyed gamestation is being bought up by game rrr 😦

  2. David Says:

    First off mate, lurn 2 speel. No offense.

    Second, I work at GameStop. I don’t really get upset about stories that make the company look really bad. It’s just stories about experiences people have had, and they always have a slant towards their side of things. Just something you need to realize.

  3. tehq Says:

    At one point at the ebgames near us there was a gamestop a minute away from it and now it’s closed down. Why isn’t there any new stories being posted 😦

  4. David Says:

    Nathan’s been out of town, so all the stories being submitted are just sitting in the queue until he got back. Which just happened today!

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