Is that for the PS2?

June 26, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Orlando, FL
Employee Description: Dumb hot chick they hired who knows nothing about games
Submitted By: Chris L

So I got a 360 for Christmas of 2006. I finally was able to jump on the bandwagon that was Halo 2 multiplayer.

I visit a GameStop, in a plaza in a poor section of Orlando, and this little girl is behind the counter.

Me: Can I please get a used copy of Halo 2?
Girl: Sure you can! Be right back.

(A few minutes go by of her looking up and down the shelves for Halo 2)
(She comes back)

Girl: I’m sorry, did you want that for Playstation 2?
Me: [LOL]
Girl: ?
Me: Uh, no, Xbox.

(Me and my friend look at each other, laugh, then look at the store manager watching her, and we all chuckle)
(Girl comes back)

Girl: Here you go
(Girl takes out the disc of the unmarked GameStop-brand box)
(Girl notices something wrong)
Manager: Uh, that’s the Map Pack for Halo 2. Sir gimme one sec.

(Me and my friend are laughing so hard on the inside now…)

Girl: Sorry about that..
Me: …[LOL]

Girl: You’re all rung up
Me: Oh wait, let me use my GameStop card

(Girl takes literally 10 minutes to figure out how to give me my crappy discount; eventually the manager comes and does it for her)

Girl: Ok, you’re all set
Me: Thanks…
Girl: Hey, have you pre-ordered Halo 3? The game is going to rock!

6 Responses to “Is that for the PS2?”

  1. David Says:

    I really didn’t want to post this one because it’s just about somebody new. Just because she doesn’t know Halo doesn’t mean she doesn’t know games, just that her knowledge is limited.

    It pisses me off every time somebody gets blamed for being new. Go work in retail in an area where you’ve never worked before and come back to read that story. You’ll think differently about the situation.

  2. jbourrie Says:

    So you didn’t want to post it… but you posted it… then you posted a retraction saying you didn’t want to…

    Oh, damn, I’ve just gone cross-eyed 🙂

    I agree, though. Making fun of the new guy is only funny if they are intentionally trying to seem like know-it-alls, and obviously failing.

  3. chrislebbano Says:

    Hey, sorry that you didn’t really like the story, my point was somewhat leaning towards why hire this girl if she knew nothing about games? Can gamestop no longer find people to hire who actually know about games, because all the gamers know better than to work there? Was she just something to “look at” because she was hot? I just can’t stand gamestop overall anyway.

  4. madphilb Says:

    So how many years have you managed a video game retail store, or any retail store for that matter?

  5. sackofwallnuts Says:

    If an employee legitimately doesn’t know something, then there is nothing wrong with that (some people just don’t play Halo). But like jbourrie stated, when they are trying to be know it all’s and pretending to have a clue, thats when things get annoying.

    But my real question to Chris L is this: If she’s hot, why not hire her? Do you feel more comfortable when your local EB games is a sausage fest???

  6. The thing is, Gamestop was, and still is, encouraged to hire good-looking women. The idea is that most of the clientele are hopeless nerds who will fawn over these women and be more susceptible to purchasing pre-orders and replacement plans. What they do or do not know doesn’t factor in at all. In that respect, this criticism is not just valid, but necessary, at least inasmuch as it puts a fine point on how utterly ridiculous Gamestop corporate is.

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