Bold-Faced BS

July 3, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Meadows Mall, Las Vegas NV
Employee Description: Store manager, lanky African-American with a buzz cut, looks like he’d be more at home at Sports Authority than Electronics Boutique. We’ll call him Lying Manager.
Submitted By: JChaos

A little background before I start. I’d been a loyal customer of this particular Electronics Boutique’s former manager, the most awesome gamer you’d ever know, for a good three years. I’d followed him through three stores as the company moved him around as needed. Unfortunately, when the merger between EB and GameStop went through, it was pretty easy to see that he was not a favored manager in the company in spite of having awesome numbers. I’d routinely do my part to keep him employed, often pre-ordering up to a game a week from him. Sadly, this was not destined to last. As we’d predicted, he was terminated from employment. Also not surprisingly, the district manager of Las Vegas was quick to replace him with someone who was less of a gamer, and more of a businessman. Remember, children, it’s all about the numbers.

Now, this story took place several months ago. When the wonderful manager was fired, I had no reason to continue patronizing the company any longer. I also had several pre-orders that I no longer cared to follow through on, and would really rather have my money back for. So, into the store I went. Lying Manager was on the register, so I’d figured that this would be fast and easy.

How mistaken I was.

Lying Manager: Welcome to Electronics Boutique, are you looking for anything today?

Me: Hate to say it chief, but I’m here to cancel some pre-orders.

Lying Manager: Oh, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, though, we just got a memo yesterday saying that we are no longer able to cancel pre-orders.

HELLO! Talk about being blindsided by a blatant lie. I was speechless for just a moment, which he seemed to take as an invitation to continue whatever schpiel he was on. Big mistake, as the effort kicked me out of my shocked state.

Lying Manager: So, can I help you find something else today?

Me: Actually, yes. You can show me that memo.

Lying Manager got a very, very uncomfortable look on his face.

Lying Manager: Oh, sorry, no can do. We can’t show those to customers.

A semi-believable lie, if Awesome manager hadn’t routinely showed me memos before so I knew exactly what was being pushed and what good deals were coming.

Me: I’m sure. Something tells me that you can’t keep my money without giving me a product either. Why don’t you call the district manager for me? I’d love to ask about this myself.

And this was the awesome part. Right in front of me, he looks like he’s got the most brilliant idea in the world. He picks up the phone, and doesn’t even dial any numbers. Yes, right in front of me.

Lying Manager: Hey (District Manager), this is Lying Manager. I’ve got a customer here who wants to cancel his pre-orders, and I told him that we don’t do that any more.

All the while he’s looking at me intently, as if I’ll believe this farce.

Me: That’s very nice, but I didn’t ask you to check with him to see if it’s okay. I want to talk to (District Manager) myself.

This makes him look as though he’s going to drop the phone on the spot. He seems to deflate, but to his credit he attempts to keep up this act to at least save face from being caught in a lie. He keeps talking into the phone, and holds up his hand to me to keep me from reaching for the phone, or something.

Lying Manager: Just this once, huh? All right, I’ll let him know. Good news, the DM’s going to let me make an exception for you!

Me: Imagine that…

He’s quick to hand me my twenty bucks for four canceled pre-orders, which I was just thrilled to take from him at this point, when he has the audacity to speak up once more.

Lying Manager: So, can we do anything else for you today? Pokemon’s coming out in a few months, would you like to pre-order it?

Suffice it to say, I left without another word. At the rate the company was plummeting, I didn’t even bother to call corporate to complain. I doubt anything would have been done anyway, this guy was hand picked by the District Manager after all. The company seems willing to do anything so long as the money stays in their stores’ pockets. It’s a sad state of affairs when I’m starting to look at Best Buy and Walmart as a better option to get me my games.


One Response to “Bold-Faced BS”

  1. berkeyjosh Says:

    It was a very sad day when that merger happened. I use to work for EB…I loved my job, even though the pay was low and the customers around christmas time were always in a bad mood. EB use to be about gamers and it seemed to really go all business when that merger happened. I know people that were “lifers” there that left because they felt they weren’t working for the same company they had been. I still shop there every so often, but not as often as I use to. Good blog, take care.

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