“Mall Security to GameStop, Please”

July 10, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Garden City, NY
Employee Description: Sweaty Chubby Store Manager
Submitted By: Marisa

The store is packed. I’m standing at the 360 display getting ready to school two teenagers in guitar hero. Behind me at the register the two employees are in an argument with an African-American customer. I have no idea over what, my back was towards them and it was none of my business. The customer walked out of the store cursing, still doesn’t phase me, these things happen.

As soon as he was fully out of the store, one of the employees said, “Some nerve saying that in white America.”

I froze for half a second and then I threw the guitar down, turned around and said “who just said that.”

One of the kids at the register looked me dead in the eyes and said he did, almost like he was proud of himself. I went into a complete blind rage. I have no idea what I yelled at the kid. All I really remember is my boyfriend physically holding back to keep me from attacking the kid and dragging me out of the store. Once I was taken out of the store I called GameStop Customer Service to place a complaint about their racist employee, whom I found out was the store manager during my call. After I told the representative what happened, his first question was “Did you purchase anything?” As if my complaint wasn’t warranted unless I bought something in their store.

While I was in the middle of my call the store manager called mall security on me, to make sure I didn’t hurt him.

The district manager called me this morning to tell me how disgusted he was by the comment and that him and human resources are taking care of the issue. He apologized a ton. But i told him that apologizing won’t make it better, and the only feasible outcome is for the kid to be fired. He told me he would update me on the outcome of the problem within the next few days.

5 Responses to ““Mall Security to GameStop, Please””

  1. Nathan Smart Says:

    PLEASE, let us know what he says!

  2. lowerhousemember Says:

    Unless the guy admits that he said it to HR (or has a prior history) I doubt anything will happen to him. Not to defend what the guy said, but for the sake of everyone that works there I would hope that it takes more than one unsubstantiated complaint from a single (and possibly disgruntled) customer for someone to get fired.

  3. marisaedge Says:

    There was another man on the phone calling to complain at the same time I did. And the district manager told me that he recieved multiple phone calls about the situtation. So i guess everyone is disgruntled. And you are defending what he said. And how is complaining about a racist comment a kid yelled in a store full of kids and people of all different races unsubstantiated?? Someone calling anywhere in the United States is absurd, And saying it to a customer at your place of employment is completely out of line.

  4. lowerhousemember Says:

    Haha, calm down. What I’m saying is, *had there been no other complaints*, management has no proof that the incident even happened. It’s your word against his. For all management knows, you could have a grudge against this guy and are just trying to get him fired because you don’t like him. And I’m saying that I hope management requires a bit of proof before firing someone on the word of a single customer.

    BUT, you say there were multiple complaints about the guy, so this time he may get what’s coming to him.

    Again, I’m not defending what he said, I’m defending the rights of retail workers in general.

  5. techmoments Says:

    Marisa is completely right. This employee should be fired, or at minimum relegated to back-room activities or cleaning the store. He should have no interaction with customers moving forward. Welcome to what is called ZERO tolerance. Racist comments are met with consequences. If this guy really did make a comment like this, and I’m not saying he didn’t, then he probably has a reputation that his peers and managers already know. Perhaps a prior complaint, or some other blemishes on his record that will now lead to his dismissal.

    When did this happen? Maybe I’ll swing by the mall later and see if he still works there. 🙂

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