GameStop pushing pre-orders in forums now

July 29, 2007

Submitted By: Silence 7

I thought this was a little funny, but pathetic. Supposedly, this person works at GameStop and wants to help make sure we all get copies of Two Worlds for the Xbox 360, by pushing pre-orders in the GameFAQs forums.

GS manager here. If you haven’t yet, please reserve it.

I had to check alot of stores to find people copies of 3 games this week because so many people wanted Overlord, Darkness, and PokeBatRev. but didn’t put down a reserve for em (because they werent the super hyped popular games that every person reserves). Please guys, it’s all the more reason to tell us that you’re interested in a copy if it’s unpopular. It means we don’t fifty gajillion copies if it’s not hyped. I hate sending people to all over the map (like a bad RPG quest) for shweet games that you can simply just walk in and ask for. We hand you a sealed copy from a drawer behind the counter and send you on your merry way with no worries.

We ask you all the time. We don’t get paid extra for this stuff. It keeps you happy and our shelves stocked. You’re never locked in, ask for your money back,.Or if you get some dungheap who won’t, you demand their district manager’s number. (we got their cell phone numbers in our red book). All you need is an interest in a game and it justifies having your $5 down, even if your not sure, we’ll still get it and have it for you, and if you dont want? Fine, we put it on the shelf for someone else to enjoy.

Please enjoy Two Worlds. I’ll see ya online.


5 Responses to “GameStop pushing pre-orders in forums now”

  1. twistedtech Says:

    “We don’t get paid extra for this stuff.”

    Now see I have heard that they have some kind of incentives program setup where they do get some kind of compensation based on the number of pre-orders they successfully push. It might not be cash money on the paycheck but I doubt anyone would be as hardcore about pushing these things as some of them are without some kind of payout.

  2. David Says:

    They do not. There is absolutely no incentives program in place.

    EB Games used to have an incentives program in place which added commission to the check. It was awesome, so of course it went away as soon as the GameStop merger happened.

    I have absolutely no idea why people push this sh*t so hard. I didn’t. Worst part about it was that I’d get better numbers then most people even though I wasn’t pushing at all.

  3. madphilb Says:

    After a quick Google search I find that the poster isn’t just a manager fishing for pre-orders, but a gamer who happens to manage a store. The guy’s even been registered on GameFAQs since like 2002 (my account is only about a year old, but I’ve been GameFAQs since the N64 days)

    Smells a tiny bit of a witch hunt. He was polite and considerate in his post. What I can see of his history doesn’t show a pattern.

  4. nicholasfarseer Says:


    You’re right, there is an incentive program for number of reserves at GameStop. As a reward, you get to keep your horribly low paying job.

  5. mafafu Says:

    It’s GameCrazy that has the incentive program for preorders and subs. $1 for preorders (you only get it if your pickup percentage is above 75% i believe), $2 for subs. Gamestop’s only incentive is to keep the management off your arse.

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