GS/EB no longer ranking according to preorders?

August 6, 2007

Here’s why we do this folks:

Thought everyone would like to hear the good news.

From my understanding, as of yesterday, Sunday August 5th, Gamestop/EB Games no longer ranks the stores by the number of pre-orders or subscriptions.  Rankings are now based on things like shrink, sales, and employee turnover.  Whether this means that you can look forward to less pre-order pushers is yet to be determined (our DM says to keep asking, but I say screw him), this should offer you (and us employees) some measure of reprise.

Submitted By: A loyal reader and current employee of Gamestop/EB Games


7 Responses to “GS/EB no longer ranking according to preorders?”

  1. David Says:

    Not actually true. I just had a long conversation with a good friend of mine who happens to manage one of the local stores. Rankings are the same as ever. Subscriptions to the GameInformer (GameStop’s magazine), Reservations on games, Sales against last year, Trade against last year, and Customer Satisfaction.

    Each district does things a little bit differently, but across the board, those numbers are the ones that count. As far as I know, employee turnover has absolutely no affect on the store. Shrink also isn’t a factor when considering overall store ranking.

    Now, this isn’t to say that shrink and employee turnover mean nothing… it’s just not part of overall store ranking. Unfortunate, but true.

  2. fifthecho Says:

    I’ve heard it’s true.
    I have a good friend who is a GM in the South Eastern US who told me that they no longer were ranked on subs and reserves.

  3. rykon Says:

    Strange, our district has become less strict on those dreaded 3 pm ‘numbers’ as well. Well at least in some places it’ll mean your job isn’t determined on how well you lie to or pester the customer.

  4. mafafu Says:

    According to my local Gamestop SM, this was discussed on his most recent conference call. But after announcing it, the DM proceded to ask what the 2 biggest tools they had to drive sales? Reserves and subs was the answer. So they may no longer be “ranked” on subs and reserves, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be pestered about them and in turn pester us about them.

  5. tequilamockingbrd Says:

    While the pressure isn’t quite off, it’s definitely been easing up. We’ve been really lax lately about our subs and rezs, and not a peep out of the district manager (yet) when normally he would’ve been jumping down our throats. We’ve been told to focus more on selling used games and bringing in trades, which bring in much more money than reserves of new games anyway.

  6. David Says:

    I finally talked to another buddy of mine who was actually on and paying attention to the conference call where they discussed the new things being put into effect.

    1) Subs and Reserves are going to be treated like other numbers, like GPGs and PRPs. They count, but not emphasized very much at all. It’s like the old UPT or IPT (units/items per transaction) numbers, they used to be important while now they’re not even talked about at all.

    2) The ever dreaded “1st and Final” Write up is going to be disposed of. The DM was apparently very enthusiastic about this one in saying that it would make life in general a lot easier and less stressful. As the ASM I was talking to put it… “So we can just get fired the first time with no warning?”

    There were some other minor things, but nothing too important that I can remember. Also, these are thing that are GOING to be implemented, but still a ways off.

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