“What do you think it’s like to be us?”

September 4, 2007


The Real Problem and Solution
And what pisses me off the most is that I can’t even stick it to this company by quitting because there are a million other geeks/nerds that think GameStop is this wonderful company that would be an awesome place to work for, when in reality, GameStop knows how disposable you are and treats you as such.

So please, next time you have a complaint about GameStop, don’t take it up with me like I give a sh*t. And don’t think that you’re saying something new to me, because you aren’t. There isn’t a single thing I can do it about how this company is run. If you really have a problem, ask the Manager on Duty for the corporate number, and give them a complaint. Please, don’t tell me. I already hate my job enough as it is.


2 Responses to ““What do you think it’s like to be us?””

  1. seasponge Says:

    The main problem about what he is saying is that it is his JOB to take our complaints. I don’t understand how you can tell people that you can work at the store and not do your job. I shouldn’t have to call corporate if there is something wrong. You are the manager. Do your freaking job.

  2. Y’know, I know this stuff is like seven years old at this point, but I’ve seen similar sentiments being expressed very recently, and I’m left with the impression that Gamestop and its ilk represent a lot of people’s first experience in customer service, and that most of the folks who work there don’t know the first thing about how to do the job effectively.

    I mean, I’ve worked plenty of customer service jobs over the years, and assisting customers is always part of the job description. That includes listening to their complaints, even when they’re unreasonable, and even if you are in no position to do anything about it. If you can’t hack it, then customer service is not for you.

    Besides, one of the things I’ve learned in all my years doing customer service is that most of the time people just want to feel like they’re being taken seriously as a customer. So if you just stand there and let ’em complain, and maybe every once in awhile give ’em a smile and a nod, that goes a long way to smoothing shit over with ’em nine times out of ten. You don’t have to be in any position to do anything about it in those circumstances, and acting like people’s complaints inconvenience you pretty much tells me that you suck at your job.

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