GameStop Says No to “Good Grades Only” Policy

September 17, 2007


Brandon Scott says he started a unique new policy in his store to promote good grades in school but now his employer has sent him to detention for speaking out of turn.

No good deed shall go un-punished

4 Responses to “GameStop Says No to “Good Grades Only” Policy”

  1. dirtmound Says:

    People will complain that it’s up to the parents to decide what’s best for their kids, but these people fail to realize that so few parents bother to be parents in the first place.

  2. clementjr Says:

    It’s really very simple. He was refusing to sell games and that doesn’t make Gamestop money, no matter what the reason. They don’t care if kids get good grades or if he’s helping the kids out, they just want their money. Bottom line.

  3. gcarolino Says:

    Thats a good try! I own two game stores in Virginia Beach called “Game On” with a few family members and several of them are teachers. We promote good grades by creating partnerships with the surrounding schools by going to the Partnership leaders and presenting a promotion called The Student Rewards Program. This program rewards good students with free stuff. There is no doubt that this guy has great intentions but he needed to go about it in a more constructive way for GS.

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