Just how big is Gamestop getting?

September 17, 2007

They have their own Gamestop Expo!

They’re planning on opening 300 new stores a year for the next couple years!

Stock is up!

The company crushed analysts’ expectations for the second quarter and raised its guidance for the fiscal year sending its shares soaring more than 8%.

2 Responses to “Just how big is Gamestop getting?”

  1. gcarolino Says:

    and in other news…..GameStop falls more than 5% after the video-game retailer lifted its earnings forecast for the current quarter, citing strong holiday sales.

  2. gcarolino Says:

    Remember these two names; PlayNTrade and Game On Video Game Stores. In the next two years you will see them start chipping away at Game Stops market. PlayNTrade in the West and Game On in the East.

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