Store: EB Games
Location: The Strip, North Canton, Ohio
Employee Description: Some big dude with dark hair
Submitted By: Neil Weakland

I was in need of a new AC adapter for my GameCube (don’t ask why) so I went to an EB games to get a new one. As I was looking around for one, I heard the sales clerk telling a woman on the phone that the PS3 was going to retail for over 800 dollars and that she should look into a 360. This was before anyone knew how much the PS3 would cost. So after he was off the phone I asked him if they had a GameCube AC adapter, He told me that because Nintendo blah blah blah blah, they don’t allow third parties to make AC adapters for the gamecube.

The next day I went to the EB games in Belden Village Mall (literally, like a mile and a half away) and bought a GameCube AC adapter from the company Intec.