Store: EB Games
Location: Macedonia, Ohio
Employee Description: Random Clerk
Submitted By: Jase1

I decided to stop pre-ordering games when I could easily find the games at bigger stores such as Best buy, Circuit City and so on. I was excited to get the new GTA: Vice City game and on launch day I went to the EB to see if they had any copies. I walk in and this is the conversation we have.

Clerk: Hi welcome to EB games how can I help you?
Me: I would like to purchase GTA: Vice City.
Clerk: Did you preorder it?
Me: Nope
Clerk: Good luck finding that game anywhere. We cant keep them in stock. That’s what you get for not pre-ordering.
Me: You think Blockbuster would sell it? (they were right next door and I was on my lunch break and didn’t have lots of time)
Clerk: Yeah right, they don’t get new games until after we do.

So being pretty upset about not being able to score GTA I decide to go to Blockbuster and purchase a used game. I get into the store and am greeted by the counter guy and ask him, “I know this is a stupid question, but do you have any GTA: Vice copies left?” He opens the cabinet behind him and I can see at least 30 GTA copies. I was feeling really good about my lucky score so I decided to be a dick and go over to the EB and rub it in. I can see the clerk talking with a customer through the window. In my best Matt Damon impression I knock on the window and the clerk looks up. He gives me a weird look and I put my new GTA game against the window and laugh.