Can you help Rusteen?

September 25, 2007

Rusteen, from Pleasanton, California, has a question:

Hi. I have been reading your website for a couple months now and, after doing some research myself, have decided that GameStop is not where I want to work. As a gamer, I was kinda disappointed when I realized there weren’t many other places that I would like to work at. As a teenage gamer in the US, do you know of any places where a gamer such as myself can get a job that I would enjoy? Thank you.


Store: GameStop
Location: Victorville, California
Employee Description: Lying D-bag
Submitted By: Joshua Searls

I went to my local GameStop and I was waiting behind this sweet old lady and her grandson. The customer in front of them left and she took up a copy of Shawdowrun for the kid. During the sale Lying D-bag says that she needs to pre-order Halo 3 or else she wouldn’t be able to find it until next March. Now I can deal with a little bit of under-handedness but that was excessive. I spoke up, “Ma’am, Halo 3 is going to be a very popular game and you will have no trouble finding it during the week it comes out.” She looks at him and says, “No, thank you,” as I get the dirtiest look I’ve ever seen. So she left and I went up to the counter and said, “I’d like my pre-ordered copy of Bioshock.”

“On the house…”

July 21, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Fullerton, CA
Employee Description: Wise-ass Teenager
Submitted By: Rafael Hernandez

I went after work to GameStop to purchase the Final Fantasy IX strategy guide. The 2 teenagers behind the counter were constantly making stupid remarks to each other. I was browsing around the PS1 and N64 Games. I ask the teen, if he had any more copies of FF9 guide. He said “No”, then checked on his computer and said “no” again.

So I tell my sister lets check around. While browsing through I hear my sister find the guide. I tell the guy “I found what your computer couldn’t track…” He was acting shocked and he eyed his co-worker. I believe they were hiding it from the public so they could purchase it at the end of their shift. Or just being pricks, probably both.

So I go up and pull out my money. He starts looking around. He felt like a dumbass, so he says “I will give you the guide.” I tell him that’s funny, and to ring me up I have the money. He said “No, really it’s on the house… I am sorry for telling you it was not here.” I argued with him on money. I even showed the money to the camera and said “LET THE RECORD SHOW THIS EMPLOYEE IS GIVING ME THE BOOK, WHEN I OFFERED TO PAY!” Took the book and left. I further think it was the dude’s last day too.

Reservation Tango

July 21, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: San Bernardino, CA – Campus Crossroads
Employee Description: Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee
Submitted By: Silence7

I went in to to the GameStop at 2pm in the afternoon on a Sunday and the place was empty except for the two employees behind the counter and me. One employee greets me with a “how ya’ doin’ ” when I walk in and then leaves me alone to browse without interruption, which is a rare treat in this store.

Being as there are only three people in the store, and I don’t have anyone to talk to, the store is extremely quiet, which makes it very easy to hear the employees talking back and forth approximately 15 feet from me. There was some chatter about various games and that’s when my anger began.

Employee #1: Dude, you should have been here yesterday..
Employee #2: Why?
Employee #1: This guy came in and wanted to cancel 2 pre-orders and put a pre-order on another game.
Employee #2: Yeah…..
Employee #1: I asked him if he had a receipt, and he said no. So I told him he had to have a receipt to cancel a pre-order.
Employee #1 & 2: Hahah ahahaaaaaaa
Employee #2: Man, I’m gonna’ have to start using that one!
Employee #1 & 2: Hahaha hahaaaaaaa

I had pre-ordered 2 games at another EB a week earlier (voluntarily) and was told I could keep the receipt if I wanted but I didn’t need to because they had me in the computer and all I would need to pick up my games was my I.D.

Their evil laughs and *wink-wink* attitude leads me to believe that the policy of needing a receipt to cancel a pre-order is all a bunch of BS to keep people from canceling a pre-order.

If they talk this openly about their lying and cheating right in front a customer, it makes me wonder if they either don’t care, they think I’m too stupid to know WTF their talking about, or they didn’t think I could hear. Honestly I think it’s a combination of the three.

This EB is close to home and very convenient, but I have vowed to drive the extra distance to another that always treats me right if I need an immediate fix, and order games online if I can wait for delivery. At least stores online can’t lie to you right in your face.

I’ve been actively gaming since my parents bought us kids a home Pong machine before the Atari 2600 came out, and have owned almost every system since then (PS3 and NeoGeo excluded) and have seen a lot of crap, but in the last few years it just seems to be getting worse and worse as all the small game stores are being put out of business by the big chain stores.

You guys are doing a great service by exposing the BS that goes on in these places.

Online vs Store

July 21, 2007

Store: GameStop / EB (Both Stores)
Location: La Habra/Fullerton California
Employee Description: GothicGuy (Fullerton) / Nerd (La Habra)
Submitted By: Rafael Hernandez

I ordered a game on GameStop’s website. It came to my home. This was during the transition of EB and GameStop merger. Well the game I ordered came scratched and not playable on my PS2.  So I called the 1 800 GameStop number. They tell me I can return it to any EB or GameStop store in person. Also on their official website it stated the same thing too.

So I call my local La Habra EB Games. Which I hardly go to. The nerdy manager over the phone tells me, I can not return it to his store. Mailing it back was the only option. I explain to the manager that his headquarters has the policy on their website in plain english. Which I quoted to him. He got angry and and said to check with Corporate since he NEVER got the memo, or knew anything of this matter.

I call my Fullerton shop which is in the next town. I frequent this place a lot. I call them before driving anywhere. Again, we can not do that. Also I do the quoting of their corporate web page. This time I tell him to check the website while I wait on the phone, He brushed me off and said he had other customers that needed to be attended to. I yell at him “Who do you think I am! I am your customer I bought the game from your company’s online shop. It clearly states you can exchange or return my money back GUARANTEED!” Again their reply is, “I never got that memo.”

So I called Corporate and threw in both managers to the fire. Then corporate told me to hang on. Corporate called the managers at both stores and straightened them out. I checked by calling both places 20 minutes after my conversation with corporate. Both were very happy to do this transaction. The guy at the Fullerton store remembered me and said to come on down. I went down to the Fullerton store and he gave me my money and APOLOGIZED! I left the store and now I order most of my games online. I hardly use GameStop unless they have a game that is very cheap and used.

Crusading for Games

June 26, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Monterey County, CA
Employee Description: Chunky African-American male
Submitted By: Alex

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition came out last Wednesday. I hadn’t pre-ordered it because I figured the demand for this game wouldn’t be as high as other such games. I was pretty confident I would be able to walk into EB Games and pick up a copy. I was right, or so I thought.

My local EB gets their packages from UPS at around 11:30am to 1:00pm. About 90% of the time, their packages arrive pretty early. Last Wednesday was no different.

I called EB at around 11:30 and asked them if TR: Anniversary Edition had arrived yet. The manager told me that a few boxes had arrived but they hadn’t checked them yet, to call back in 30 minutes. Ok, I thought, they are probably swamped over there so I’ll just run my errands first and get there around 12 to grab my copy.

Half an hour later, I arrive to an empty EB store with 3 employees working. One of them was doing something around the DS games, the other one was doing some sh*t behind the counter and the manager was standing there looking at some binders. The manager asks me “How can I help you boss?”

I tell him I want to grab a copy of the new Tomb Raider, to which he proceeds to tell me that they still haven’t opened their boxes. I stare at him, then at the other two retards acting like they are working and I ask, “Well, when are you going to open them?”

He then says, “Come back in 30 minutes and we’ll have them open by then “. To which I say “Dude, I’m on my lunch break and you said that to me 30 minutes ago. Can’t you just open them real quick and grab me a copy for the PC?” He then gives me this blank stare probably thinking, “Ugh, annoying *ssholes.”

I respond by just standing there waiting. Needless to say, it was a very awkward situation but f*ck me if they weren’t blatantly being lazy about their jobs. After what seemed like a good few minutes, the guy realized that I was on a mission from God and that to me, this was the f*cking Crusades.

Ok, not really but c’mon man, I didn’t want to have to come back later, especially with gas prices costing an arm and a leg plus your soul. So stop being a lazy git and get me my f*cking game! It will take you all of one minute to cut open a few boxes and find the correct item. And, honestly, it did because a few minutes later he came out with my PC copy of Tomb Raider. Which was good news because Wayne Brady was about to choke a b*tch. And no, I don’t want all the other crap you are selling to me either.

By the time I got out of there I was fuming. Does it really have to be this bad to pick up a game? I think not.

/end story

I know my story cusses a lot but I think it perfectly reiterates how most people feel when dealing with this kind of crap.

Store: GameStop
Location: Hollywood, CA
Employee: Tall Blonde
Submitted by: Serpico

OK so, I’m a manager for EB Games (laugh it up). I’ve been reading your site, and I’d have to say that every single thing on here is 100% true. I’ve seen some employees do some dirty stuff to appease their managers, who in turn have to appease THEIR managers. It’s nasty and unfair, because the people who are forcing these high-pressure pre-order goals on the employees are not the ones that actually have to sell them. It creates a stressful environment where people get desperate to keep their jobs. And it makes exchanges like this happen.This happened when I was an assistant manager transferred into a new store:

Customer: “Do you have any more Halo 2?”
Tall Blonde: “All the copies I have have been reserved but I can do something for you. I’ll go ahead and sell you one anyway, but you have to reserve something else. It’s just a way to trick my computer.”
Customer: “OK, I’ll do it.”

The kicker is, this girl knew that our reserve copies were all already picked up. The copies we still had were completely and totally first come, first serve. Needless to say her numbers were high so her store manager just let it go.

That’s why when I got my own store I lay off the pre-orders. I let my employees focus on fun and enthusiasm, and sometimes that translates into pre-orders, sometimes it doesn’t. Whatever. Since my customers feel comfortable in my store, and my employees like their job, my sales are generally high even if my pre-orders are low, and no one can really argue with that.

Also, I see a lot of stories of horrendous customer service experiences on here, and while I agree that there is no excuse for an employee to be rude to a customer in most cases, you have to look at who’s training these people and how their being treated. Working in a game store should be the most fun job you can get without being naked. It’s a shame that some of these management types ruin it.