That’s MY Bully

July 19, 2007

Location: Richmond Center, Richmond B.C. Canada
Employee Description: skinny guy –way too stressed
Submitted By: Geordie McGillivray

I rarely go to EB. But I had Bully for the PS2 that I wanted to trade in. Now – I ended feeling sorry for the guy working there after this was all said and done. One employee working during the lunch rush seems like cruel punishment.

I go to EB at lunch time during a weekday. I get there – and there are a few people in line. Now – I have gone during lunch time in the past and I know it can really get busy – so I felt lucky. The guy working there was all alone and looks pretty frazzled. I guess the other employees were out on lunch. So I walk in with bully in my arms and I go back to the discount rack. 2 games for $20 etc. I pick 2 ps2 games I want – I go and wait in line. I am about 3rd in line. Takes 5 minutes or so. Now I know this blog is about annoying employees – but let me just say that almost every time I go to an EB – some of the customers are equally as annoying and clueless. Anyways – I get to the front of the line.

I hand him my copy of bully and say I want to trade it in – he types it in the computer and I get like $30 for it. Fine with me. So he puts it back on the counter by the register. I then hand him the two games I picked out and he looks at them and says sorry – these are mismatched. One is 2 for $20 and the other is 2 for $30 – so I can’t have the deal. It turns out someone had probably just placed a game back on the wrong rack. No big deal. He says let me show you how it works – and starts to walk over to the racks. By now – there is already 5 people in line behind me. We leave bully on the counter.

We go and look at the racks – he shows me what I can get – which I already know – but some of them aren’t labeled so you just can’t tell. Anyways he leaves me alone and goes to help the other customers. I take about another 5 minutes and I cannot find another game in the price range I want so I say screw it. I decide to go get Bully – and just leave.

I look at the counter – there is now more than 10 people in line. I am not going to wait – so I go over almost behind the counter and get the employees attention – I say “hey can I just get my copy of bully and I’ll come back another time”

The look of absolute and total confusion on his face was actually pretty funny – except it scared me at the same time. See – I had been with this guy not 10 minutes ago – and he says “bully?” and looks at me. I say “ya it’s on the counter – can I get it back?”. He then says “Bully, well some kid just returned that a few minutes ago” he then opens a drawer and pulls out MY copy of bully. I say “well – that is mine – remember – you said I get $30 for it and you took me to the back racks to get some other games?”. And he just looks so confused. I think this is what happened:

The employee walked me back to the racks. We left bully on the counter. Frazzled goes back to the counter – sees Bully – forgets all about the previous 10 minutes of his life – then asks the next person in line if they are returning Bully? That person will say of course – and take the $30.

I can see this flash in the guys brain. He says “but I already paid $30 for it.” I say – not to me and I would like my game back. Remember this is in front of more than 10 other people in line. So – I felt bad for the guy. He didn’t seem like a bad guy – think he was just over worked – and in the end was taken advantage of. He then handed me my game and I left. I was kind of pissed that someone had $30 that should be mine… but who cares. I returned it the next day and got my trade in I wanted.

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A Technicality

June 5, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Employee: Capt. Inappropriate
Submitted By: Keroro

A woman was buying a PSP game for her son, and it was rated Teen. She asked something like why it is rated Teen; he explained and then said: “Well, at least you aren’t raping hookers in it like in Grand Theft Auto.”