Store: Funcoland
Location: Louisville, KY
Employee: P_nis Breath
Submitted By: Justone

So I ask the employee, who had been staring continuously at me since I walked in the store apparently because I was the only one in the store, he had absolutely nothing to do, and/or he thought I was attractive, if he had or could order Maniac Mansion for nes.

(Before I continue with the story, I need to tell you he was the know-it-all video game guy who obviously has never had a girl friend and may or may not play magic the gathering.)

He looked at me liked I was insane and said, “You like that game!?”

I gave him a look of shock, implying that he was retard, and said, “You don’t like that game?”

He then said it was the worst game ever made.

“Ever made?!” I exclaimed thinking that the game maybe outdated but is no where near the worst game ever made.

He explained, “All you do is run around a mansion with a machete and chop monsters. There’s only like three monsters, not including the bosses, so you just fight the same monsters for hours. Then there’s the fact that the main character looks like Jason. A total rip off.”

I then proceeded to explain to him the differences between the game Maniac Mansion and the game Splatterhouse.