June 12, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, on Coors and Paseo Del Norte
Employee Description: Some dumb douche
Submitted By: Don

So for whatever reason, GameStop’s computers would not allow anyone anywhere to reserve a copy of Cooking Mama for the DS. I had asked my local GameStop about it several times, and they always said it wouldn’t come up on their computers, then in the DS communities online people expressed the same problem.

So I go into GameStop on the day it comes out – just 10 minutes after it was delivered (I work a few doors down, and my UPS driver told me she had just delivered to them) – and ask for a copy of Cooking Mama “for the DS please.” The douche hands me an open copy. I ask for a sealed copy. He then tells me that he just opened it right then, and he only had two other copies, one for himself and one that was a PRE-ORDER. I didn’t feel like fighting, so I said “whatever” and bought it.

As I’m paying a young lady comes up behind me and asks the cashier “what’s that?” (pointing to my Cooking Mama). He says its a new DS cooking game and he hands her A SEALED COPY from behind the counter. She’s just looking at it and then says she’ll take it. He stutters and then says… “uh, ok you can just buy that one.”

WTF!??? I was so pissed, but I didn’t know what to say and just walked out.