Store: EB Games
Location: Medina, OH on Route 42
Employee: Baldy McYellowTeeth
Submitted By: Nathan Smart

This is probably my favorite lie told by Baldy.

We were talking about all of the E3 news that was coming in and about what’s coming for the GameCube (this was around the time that Capcom had announced the exclusive 5). He was at work so he wasn’t able to see a lot of the news and I was giving him a rundown. He must’ve been getting jealous of me knowing something he didn’t know and that’s when he came out with this amazing tale.

He said that Retro Studios was coming out with a new version of Kid Icarus and that it was going to be a FPS just like Metroid Prime was. I asked him where he read this and he told me on IGN. I had been checking there all day so I knew that he was full of it.

I kept on questioning him and tell him that I hadn’t seen that news. He was certain of its existence so I just trailed off and moved into something else. He assured me that he would make sure it was on IGN and get back to me next time I was in (I would go there on my lunch break sometimes to kill time after lunch).

The next time I came in, he remembered where he got the info. It was on a super secret EB Games corporate website that he wouldn’t be able to let me see. He did say that he would try to talk to his manager to get me access.

Oh well.