Is that for the PS2?

June 26, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Orlando, FL
Employee Description: Dumb hot chick they hired who knows nothing about games
Submitted By: Chris L

So I got a 360 for Christmas of 2006. I finally was able to jump on the bandwagon that was Halo 2 multiplayer.

I visit a GameStop, in a plaza in a poor section of Orlando, and this little girl is behind the counter.

Me: Can I please get a used copy of Halo 2?
Girl: Sure you can! Be right back.

(A few minutes go by of her looking up and down the shelves for Halo 2)
(She comes back)

Girl: I’m sorry, did you want that for Playstation 2?
Me: [LOL]
Girl: ?
Me: Uh, no, Xbox.

(Me and my friend look at each other, laugh, then look at the store manager watching her, and we all chuckle)
(Girl comes back)

Girl: Here you go
(Girl takes out the disc of the unmarked GameStop-brand box)
(Girl notices something wrong)
Manager: Uh, that’s the Map Pack for Halo 2. Sir gimme one sec.

(Me and my friend are laughing so hard on the inside now…)

Girl: Sorry about that..
Me: …[LOL]

Girl: You’re all rung up
Me: Oh wait, let me use my GameStop card

(Girl takes literally 10 minutes to figure out how to give me my crappy discount; eventually the manager comes and does it for her)

Girl: Ok, you’re all set
Me: Thanks…
Girl: Hey, have you pre-ordered Halo 3? The game is going to rock!