Store: EB Games
Location: Wooster, OH on Burbank Rd
Employee Description: Short, black hair, mangy beard.
Submitted By: Eli Gundry

This story happened on Nintendo DS launch day. I was 13 and my mom went into the store with me to trade in my GBA (original) for a discount of $40.00 on a DS. We had a coupon from the now defunct GMR for this deal and presented it to the clerk. He explained that they had 5 or 6 DS’s and since we were one of the first people inside the store, we could have one. Everything was going as smoothly as possible until I dropped the GBA SP out of my pocket to grab the other GBA. At which point the clerk made up a story a long the lines of, ‘We can’t give you the discount on the DS with THAT Game Boy. We need the SP.’ At which point things went downhill.

In the clerk’s defense, he had no idea about what was about to happen. My mother is somewhat of a cheapskate and despises these store more than anything.

‘What do YOU mean that you can’t take that Game Boy!?’
‘Mam, calm down. The ad say-‘
‘Don’t you tell me to calm down!’
‘Mam, the ad infers SP only’
‘You were about to take his Game Boy with the discount.’

At which point things went really downhill, with the clerk came up with a story about how the DS’s were only being sold to pre-order customers only. My mother then said that we were going to go to Best Buy unless they took my GBA and gave the discount. He then lied about how every store in the area had a similar policy to their’s about the pre-order policy and that we would be unable to purchase on today. My mother then threw some expletives around and we were soon ushered out of the store.

We went to the Best Buy across the road and I was playing my DS shortly thereafter.

Game Boy Saves

June 5, 2007

Store: Funcoland
Location: Deptford, NJ
Employee: Stupid Stuperton
Submitted By: Toad64

“You can’t save in Game Boy games because they don’t have batteries in them.”