Store: EB Games
Location: Lawrenceville, GA, Collins Hill Road
Employee Description: Sweaty, balding fatty.
Submitted By: Emerl

Ok, so I was there to pick up my copy of Guitar Hero 2 for the 360. Oddly enough, this happened to be the day after they announced Rock Band (and obscenely expensive version of Guitar hero with multiple instruments.) So, I pay for the game, get my change, and put away the reciept, the guy is handing me the game, and says  “Would you like to preorder Rock Band? Have you heard about it?” “Yeah, I’ve heard about it. It sounds a little expensive for me though, thanks.” And I try to walk away, but this guy is persistent. “No, man, it’s cheap. It’s only gonna be $60 and include everything. It’s insane, I know. They’re selling the freaking game at a $200 loss. It’s incredible!” “Wow, that is incredible. I’m fine with Guitar Hero 2, thank you.” “Suit yourself, don’t come crying to me once all your friends are making a Rock Band online and you-” I don’t know what he said after that, because I had closed the door on my way out.

Store: EB Games
Location: Athens, GA at the Georgia Square Mall
Employee: Some sniffling, watery-eyed guy
Submitted By: Sam

A friend and I stopped into a store to buy GTA:SA on the day it came out.

Clerk: Do you have a preorder?
Me: No, neither of us do.
Clerk: Well we’re sold out . . . but I do have two last copies that I was holding for myself. I’ll sell them to you, but you guys should be sure to get a pre-order next time.

He was actually trying to make us feel bad for not pre-ordering! It was a blatant lie.

First, why would he hold more than one copy for himself? I doubt the store would even let him do that. And even if he really was holding them, wouldn’t he have bought them first thing when he came into work? Second, why would he give away his personal copies, especially for two random customers that weren’t even regulars at his store, especially when he could have sent us to any number of stores in the area to get it?

It has to be the only time someone has tried to guilt trip me into pre-ordering a game.

Store: EB Games
Location: Atlanta, GA
Employee: Dumb_ss
Submitted By: Gator

I’m in the store checking out NBA Street Vol.3 and the Mario All-Stars. This woman, we’ll call her MILF, walks in and has the following exchange with the clerk (Dumb_ss or DA for short):

MILF: “I’d like to buy a Valentine’s Day present for my son. He has a Playstation 2.”
DA: “Ummm… ok…. do you know what type of game he wants, or what types of games he already has?”
MILF: “Oh… yeah. He said he wants a ‘fighting game.’ I don’t really know what that means though. All he has right now is sports games like football and basketball.”
DA: “Ok… a fighting game… let’s see what we have…”
MILF: “Well… my problem is that my son is only 7. I really don’t want to get him something with lots of blood and weapons”
DA: (look of bewilderment) “7??? He’s 7 and he wants a fighting game?”
MILF: (sheepishly) “Yeah… I know. Do you have a game that has cartoon type violence? He likes Batman… is there a Batman fighting game?”
DA: “No…. there’s no batman fighting game… let’s see… (scans the shelf) well, i’ll tell you what my favorite fighting game is… (picks up a box) It’s called “Dead or Alive” … now, a lot of people like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, but I think DoA is the best fighting game out there.”
MILF: (looking at the box, slightly freaked out) “Uh… this isn’t exactly what i had in mind”

I couldn’t believe it. Here’s this guy who at one instance acts as if he is shocked & appalled that the lady would buy a fighting game for her 7 year old son, and then the next instant he’s recommending a game that is probably one of the least age appropriate.

I almost jumped in and told the lady to buy her kid a gamecube with SSBM or at least Marvel vs. Capcom for the PS2…. I can’t understand what was going through that guy’s head. I think they finally settled on a WWE game.