Store: EB Games
Location: Syracuse, NY
Employee Description: Guy who thinks he knows all but more than likely still lives in mom’s basement
Submitted By: Adelle Starr

I had just finished God of War and was dieing to play GoW2 so I went over to the closest store to my house (instead of going to the one where I know everyone there). I walk in and Know All Guy stares slack jawed and open mouthed at me for a while as I browse. I go up to the counter with a used copy of Phantasy Star 2 in my hands and tell him I would like to get the copy of GoW2 he has behind the counter (where they put the new games).

Guy:“Are you sure your boyfriend wants GoW2, it’s pretty hard”
Me:“Actually my boyfriend doesn’t want it at all because he doesn’t like the game much. I’m getting it for me.”
Guy: (blinks a couple of times) “You mean YOU play games? I didn’t know girls really played games!”
Me: (cringe) “Yes I play games”
Guy: “You sure you want GoW2, it’s hard. How about Nintendogs? Thats fun.”
Me: “I prefer ripping people to shreds to breeding fake dogs thanks” (pay for the games)
Guy: (Deep breath) “What other games do you play?”
Me: (I proceed to ramble off a list of everything from classic to new, RPG to FPS to puzzle to online games)
Guy: “You really play ALL those games”
Me: “Yes!” (wrenches purchased games out of Guy’s hands so I can go) “Good bye”
Guy: (as I walk out I hear him whisper to himself) “Wow girls play games, amazing. She was so hot too! I think I know who I’m thinking about later tonight *snicker*

I almost went back to punch him but knew he would be alone for the rest of his life anyway so I left him to his sad little life and laughed all the way to my car. Yes dude, girls really play games.

Store: EB Games
Location: Pittsburgh, PA – Forbes St.
Employee: Young Prick
Submitted By: DJBabs

After securing myself a Wii over winter break in New Jersey, I decided to preorder a copy of WiiPlay upon returning to graduate school in Pittsburgh. I received the automated call on the Monday of the release saying that it would be in the next day, so I decided to go pick it up with my girlfriend after my class got out at 4 PM.

We walk in, and while she is looking around at some of the games, I go up to the counter and ask the young prick behind it for my preorder (interrupting him talking about how hot my GF was to another employee). He snapped back that they didn’t get them in today, and won’t be getting them in for another 2 days. I retorted that I got the automated call the previous day saying that it would be in the store by noon on Tuesday (it after 4 PM) and then asked why they would be getting them in two days later. His response was that since the store is on the East coast, and all the games are shipped from the west coast on Monday, the east coast stores don’t get new games in on Tuesdays and instead get them on Thursdays. I said that was ridiculous since I had been preordering stuff at a New Jersey EB Games since I preordered the Dreamcast and that they always got the new games in on Tuesdays. His then decided to basically shout, “well I don’t know what planet you are from, but East Coast GameStops and EB Games never get their games in on Tuesday!”

I demand my preorder money back, and say I’ll drive over to Best Buy and pick it up there. The prick responded that I couldn’t get the preorder money back since the game was already released (even though they didn’t have it yet), but I could transfer the money over to another purchase and then tried to get me to buy a PS3. I eventually argued my way to get my money back and as we walked out the door, the young prick shouted at my GF, “loose the dick that thinks he knows when we get our shipments in and go out with me!”

We then drover over to Best Buy and found stacks of WiiPlays. I have refused to step foot in that EB again.