Store: EB Games
Location: Crossgates Mall – Albany, NY
Employee Description: Nondescript, and about to become annoying
Submitted By: Good Vs. Evil

This morning, I go out to get my copy of God of War 2 (since I couldn’t get it on the “release date”). I swing by a few stores right after they open. Many of them had it but hadn’t had a chance to check it in yet, and therefore it wasn’t available for sale. This process apparently takes an hour.


I finally got it at an EB Games store in Albany, N.Y. However, this transaction had a few hitches.

I walk in and wait in a small line. When it is finally my turn, I ask if they have a copy of the game. The clerk asks me if I pre-ordered it. No. No, I did not. He tells me that I am “lucky” because I am getting one of only two copies that they have for sale (aside from the pre-orders, which are obviously spoken for). I tell him that I am thankful for this, since all the other places I stopped at hadn’t checked it in yet, and his was the only place that seemed to be on the ball.

Then the conversation got interesting.

He proceeds to tell me that had I pre-ordered the game from them, I wouldn’t have had to go through all the troubles that I had gone through that morning.  He tells me that the game is really popular, and had I pre-ordered it, I would have guaranteed myself a copy of the game. He then says the line that sparked it all:

“So, what have we learned today?”

I responded:

“What we have learned today is that a store whose sole merchandise is games and gaming accessories that resides in the largest mall in the capital of N.Y. only ordered 2 spare copies of a game that will end up selling millions of copies. What we learned is that you have more f*cking advertisements for a game than you do actual copies of said game. We leaned that despite the fact you know this game is going to be wildly popular, you have more empty boxes of the game on the shelf then you actually have copies of the game that are for sale. We learned that by your ordering model, a typical shopping trip would go like this:

You stroll into your local grocery store on your way home from work because you need milk. You go into the cooler section and grab a carton of milk only to find that it is empty. Odd. You grab a few other cartons to find that they are all empty.

You go find the nearest clerk to ask them about this, and they tell you that that milk isn’t for sale – it’s only a display to show customers that you do indeed sell milk. However, if you really want milk, you need to go up to the counter.

But then he tells you not to bother, because they are all out of milk anyway. All milk. No 2%, no skim, nothing.

When you inquire as to how a large grocery store could be out of milk, he tells you that milk is a very popular beverage, and if you had wanted some, you should have stopped in earlier to pre-order your milk. This would guarantee that you had your carton of milk when the shipment came in. However, they only have enough to fill all of the pre-orders, and have none left.

Just like your 4 empty Wii boxes in the window. Just like your 8 empty copies of God of War on the shelf.”

I then told him how amusing it was that a store who only sells games and nothing else would order only 2 copies of a game that would sell 100 in the first day alone.

A game store in the largest mall in the capital of N.Y. only has 2 copies of the most anticipated game of this year so far for sale on release date. Stunning.

I finally told him how odd he should think it is that if I couldn’t have gotten the game at his store, I would have had to go to a store that sells not only games, but refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, DVD players, computers and all sorts of other junk, because they would have had the foresight to get enough copies to meet the demand, but his store that only sells games, couldn’t pull this apparently magical feat of supply.

I then left with my game.

Store: EB Games
Location: Syracuse, NY
Employee Description: Guy who thinks he knows all but more than likely still lives in mom’s basement
Submitted By: Adelle Starr

I had just finished God of War and was dieing to play GoW2 so I went over to the closest store to my house (instead of going to the one where I know everyone there). I walk in and Know All Guy stares slack jawed and open mouthed at me for a while as I browse. I go up to the counter with a used copy of Phantasy Star 2 in my hands and tell him I would like to get the copy of GoW2 he has behind the counter (where they put the new games).

Guy:“Are you sure your boyfriend wants GoW2, it’s pretty hard”
Me:“Actually my boyfriend doesn’t want it at all because he doesn’t like the game much. I’m getting it for me.”
Guy: (blinks a couple of times) “You mean YOU play games? I didn’t know girls really played games!”
Me: (cringe) “Yes I play games”
Guy: “You sure you want GoW2, it’s hard. How about Nintendogs? Thats fun.”
Me: “I prefer ripping people to shreds to breeding fake dogs thanks” (pay for the games)
Guy: (Deep breath) “What other games do you play?”
Me: (I proceed to ramble off a list of everything from classic to new, RPG to FPS to puzzle to online games)
Guy: “You really play ALL those games”
Me: “Yes!” (wrenches purchased games out of Guy’s hands so I can go) “Good bye”
Guy: (as I walk out I hear him whisper to himself) “Wow girls play games, amazing. She was so hot too! I think I know who I’m thinking about later tonight *snicker*

I almost went back to punch him but knew he would be alone for the rest of his life anyway so I left him to his sad little life and laughed all the way to my car. Yes dude, girls really play games.