AOTS Every Night!

June 26, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX
Employee Description: Arrogant F-er
Submitted By: Phil

I went in today and was talking with my wife about Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4 coming out in October for the 360 and PS3. This guy, I’ll call him F-er, interjected that he heard last night on Attack of The Show (AOTS) that GTA 4 is ONLY coming out for the 360 now. I asked him if perhaps he had misunderstood and they were talking about the episodes but he shouted back at me that he watches AOTS “EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!”

I left the store and went by a local hotspot to look on the interwebs to see if there was any talk of an announcement pertaining to such. Of course there was nothing so I called the store and talked with “F-er” and told him that I was unable to find anything confirming his claims and he, again, yelled about how he always watches AOTS and last night, (which was Tuesday, the 19th of June) they announced that GTA 4 was only going to be on the 360. He then hung up.

Store: EB Games
Location: Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester, CT
Employee Description: Too much turnover to remember
Submitted By: Nick Utter

This was right about the time that GTA was finally announced for the Xbox. I was browsing the store looking for God knows what and a mother and her small child entered the store. The boy couldn’t have been more than 10. Anyhow, mom noted that she wanted a videogame system for her boy and that he wanted two games. She looked down at him and he noted that he wanted Grand Theft Auto and Halo.

After the parent of the year ceremony ended, the clerk let her know that she’d want a PS2 for her boy. He noted that GTA was a Sony franchise and that those games weren’t going anywhere. As for Halo? Microsoft was going under and Sony was already in position to buy the rights to the Halo franchise…

Store: GameStop
Location: Hamtramck, Michigan
Employee Description: New Guy
Submitted By: Jeff from Detroit

This particular Gamestop is very close to my house; a 5 minute ride maybe in heavy traffic. Because of this I usually buy my games from there, despite all the hassles.

I was in picking up some game (that I did pre-order btw); Crackdown I think. Anyway they start trying to push more reserves on me; I usually reserve anything I want anyway so I had everything I was interested in already reserved. This guy who was new because I never saw him there before that day starts running down a list of popular upcoming games. I answer “already reserved” to each one till he gets to GTA IV. I tell him I have no interest as of yet, maybe I’ll reserve when I hear more about it, then he tells me the game is set entirely in Detroit!

Hamtramck is a small city enclosed entirely within Detroit so I live in Detroit as well. I don’t buy it because there’s no way this trained monkey knows anything that far in advance about the game and I pass but I have to wonder how many other people he got with that load of BS.

Store: EB Games
Location: Macedonia, Ohio
Employee Description: Random Clerk
Submitted By: Jase1

I decided to stop pre-ordering games when I could easily find the games at bigger stores such as Best buy, Circuit City and so on. I was excited to get the new GTA: Vice City game and on launch day I went to the EB to see if they had any copies. I walk in and this is the conversation we have.

Clerk: Hi welcome to EB games how can I help you?
Me: I would like to purchase GTA: Vice City.
Clerk: Did you preorder it?
Me: Nope
Clerk: Good luck finding that game anywhere. We cant keep them in stock. That’s what you get for not pre-ordering.
Me: You think Blockbuster would sell it? (they were right next door and I was on my lunch break and didn’t have lots of time)
Clerk: Yeah right, they don’t get new games until after we do.

So being pretty upset about not being able to score GTA I decide to go to Blockbuster and purchase a used game. I get into the store and am greeted by the counter guy and ask him, “I know this is a stupid question, but do you have any GTA: Vice copies left?” He opens the cabinet behind him and I can see at least 30 GTA copies. I was feeling really good about my lucky score so I decided to be a dick and go over to the EB and rub it in. I can see the clerk talking with a customer through the window. In my best Matt Damon impression I knock on the window and the clerk looks up. He gives me a weird look and I put my new GTA game against the window and laugh.

Store: EB Games
Location: Athens, GA at the Georgia Square Mall
Employee: Some sniffling, watery-eyed guy
Submitted By: Sam

A friend and I stopped into a store to buy GTA:SA on the day it came out.

Clerk: Do you have a preorder?
Me: No, neither of us do.
Clerk: Well we’re sold out . . . but I do have two last copies that I was holding for myself. I’ll sell them to you, but you guys should be sure to get a pre-order next time.

He was actually trying to make us feel bad for not pre-ordering! It was a blatant lie.

First, why would he hold more than one copy for himself? I doubt the store would even let him do that. And even if he really was holding them, wouldn’t he have bought them first thing when he came into work? Second, why would he give away his personal copies, especially for two random customers that weren’t even regulars at his store, especially when he could have sent us to any number of stores in the area to get it?

It has to be the only time someone has tried to guilt trip me into pre-ordering a game.

A Technicality

June 5, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Employee: Capt. Inappropriate
Submitted By: Keroro

A woman was buying a PSP game for her son, and it was rated Teen. She asked something like why it is rated Teen; he explained and then said: “Well, at least you aren’t raping hookers in it like in Grand Theft Auto.”

Spider-Man 2

June 5, 2007

Store: Major Video Game Retailer (Where I Worked)
Location: Hanover, MA
Employee: Hispanic Guy
Submitted By: ZeoGold

My old boss would say anything to get a reserve. I once listened to him tell a customer the following lies about Spider-Man 2(Before it Came out): “I went to a special retail conference and got a chance to play Spider-Man 2, (He didn’t) it’s just like GTA and KOTOR combined, you can walk all around the city and if you beat up the pedestrians, your evil meter goes up. If you get enough evil points, you TURN INTO VENOM! You can even infect people with your symbiote to make them fight for you!”

Store: EB Games
Location: New Orleans, LA
Employee: Thug
Submitted By: Humanoise

Okay, so I like all kinds of games – whatever – but I’ve always liked adventure games the most (of the point-n-click kind). There is an EB Games by my house that for some reason last year fired everyone and hired straight up ghetto thugs from my neighborhood. They always have their friends there and play sports games on ALL three systems that are set up for up coming or new games. I know they carry PC games and adventures because that is where I buy them at. So when I called for Moment of Silence they said,

“What kind of game is it?”

Now why would that matter… plus the website said they had it and when I told him that he said,

“Well the site isn’t for our store it’s for the company and the web site can’t know what we have in stock.”

Wrong – at 8 AM the site gets updated with stock info for the stores and you can search… blahblahblah.

So then he says,

“We don’t carry adventure games we only carry big name games like Halo and GTA and Madden football.”

“That’s the only type of games you have?” I said.

Get this… “You know videogame magazines? We only get games from those.”

WTF is that?… Anyways, I went in two days later and the game was on the shelf but it was a different guy… Thats my story.