Pre-order Stalker

July 29, 2007

Store: GameStop, Software, Etc.
Location: Bay Shore, NY
Employee Description: Some punk teen with bad acne who thought he was big because he was a manager/man with a glass eye in his left socket
Submitted By: Andrew

I went to my local GameStop located near the South Shore Mall in Bay Shore, NY. I wanted to pick up Guitar Hero II and an adapter to play it on the PS3. I asked this fragile looking kid who was probably around 15 years old yet acted like some pro wrestler on steroids, if they had the adapter. He said that he had just sold out that morning and then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to pre-order Guitar Hero III for PS3. I said “No, Thank you” and left the store.

I then walked across the parking lot to the mall and went into Software, Etc. I was able to find the adapter and a copy of Guitar Hero II. As I was about to make my purchase, the man with the glass eye behind the counter pulled out a huge binder and asked if I would like to pre-order Guitar Hero III. I again said no thanks.

This was when things got weird for me. The kid from the other store walked into the same store I was at and went behind the counter and was talking with some of the guys. He then proceeded to push me to pre-order other games I had no interest in. I asked him if he had followed me and he said exactly “I like you and I didn’t want you to miss out on the hottest game of the year when it comes out.” I told him “No worries, but Best Buy will have GHIII when it comes out” and left the store.

What weirdos.

Guitar Hero 2 on 360?

June 7, 2007

Store: GAME
Location: Hereford, England
Employee Description: Metrosexual Guy
Submitted By: Ieu-ee

Before this last Christmas I went into the game stores to get some winter entertainment and I remember reading that Guitar Hero II was coming for 360. So while I was paying for Gears of War I asked if he knew when it was coming out..

He gave me the worst ‘WTF’ look ever and then stated this comedy gem…

Guitar Hero Two??? Shouldn’t they release Guitar Hero first?

This wouldn’t have been funny except there were at least 5 boxes of the game and guitar on the shelf behind him (not for 360 but nevertheless Guitar Hero 2)

Store: EB Games
Location: Lawrenceville, GA, Collins Hill Road
Employee Description: Sweaty, balding fatty.
Submitted By: Emerl

Ok, so I was there to pick up my copy of Guitar Hero 2 for the 360. Oddly enough, this happened to be the day after they announced Rock Band (and obscenely expensive version of Guitar hero with multiple instruments.) So, I pay for the game, get my change, and put away the reciept, the guy is handing me the game, and says  “Would you like to preorder Rock Band? Have you heard about it?” “Yeah, I’ve heard about it. It sounds a little expensive for me though, thanks.” And I try to walk away, but this guy is persistent. “No, man, it’s cheap. It’s only gonna be $60 and include everything. It’s insane, I know. They’re selling the freaking game at a $200 loss. It’s incredible!” “Wow, that is incredible. I’m fine with Guitar Hero 2, thank you.” “Suit yourself, don’t come crying to me once all your friends are making a Rock Band online and you-” I don’t know what he said after that, because I had closed the door on my way out.