Brandon Scott says he started a unique new policy in his store to promote good grades in school but now his employer has sent him to detention for speaking out of turn.

No good deed shall go un-punished

They have their own Gamestop Expo!
They’re planning on opening 300 new stores a year for the next couple years!
Stock is up!

The company crushed analysts’ expectations for the second quarter and raised its guidance for the fiscal year sending its shares soaring more than 8%.


If you give me straight As with your teachers signature, endorsing it and your parent up here, I’ll buy you a brand new game,”

This is truly a GameStop employee we can all agree, is doing the right thing.  But how long will corporate tolerate it?


GameStop has decided to impose strict penalties for employees who open the shipping cartons before the midnight launch. If you break the tape, even if by accident, you will be fired on the spot. It doesn’t matter if you are an hourly peon or the store manager…or even the district manager. If you break the tape, you will be fired.

Acts of Gord:

This is kind of old, but anyone working retail at a videogame store needs to visit Acts of Gord.  This is the true account of life behind the lines of owning a videogame store, as told by Gord himself.

And when I travelled from the hallowed halls of my Game Store and visited the Game Store of The Gord, the truth became apparent. I have no cause to disbelieve the veracity of the tales told here. The truth, it would certainly seem, is contained herein. Go now, and read of The Gord, and know that he has walked the path of the Game Store Owner, and that he has suffered for all of us.

I’ve read the site from the first page to the last and you should too!

“I only need one more pre-order for this month. If I don’t get one, then I’ll lose my job. Seriously.” LOSE his job? Is this the mafia? This guy has to be in his 30s. Does he have a family? Is he going to not be able to feed his children and wife just because I don’t pre-order Halo?

“Listen, I’ll give you this awesome new Transformers poster, this CD of Square-Enix music, and, a $10 gift card that you could USE to pre-order whatever game you want.”

The Real Problem and Solution
And what pisses me off the most is that I can’t even stick it to this company by quitting because there are a million other geeks/nerds that think GameStop is this wonderful company that would be an awesome place to work for, when in reality, GameStop knows how disposable you are and treats you as such.

So please, next time you have a complaint about GameStop, don’t take it up with me like I give a sh*t. And don’t think that you’re saying something new to me, because you aren’t. There isn’t a single thing I can do it about how this company is run. If you really have a problem, ask the Manager on Duty for the corporate number, and give them a complaint. Please, don’t tell me. I already hate my job enough as it is.