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The Stats

August 12, 2007

I finally talked to another buddy of mine who was actually on and paying attention to the conference call where they discussed the new things being put into effect.

1) Subs and Reserves are going to be treated like other numbers, like GPGs and PRPs. They count, but not emphasized very much at all. It’s like the old UPT or IPT (units/items per transaction) numbers, they used to be important while now they’re not even talked about at all.

2) The ever dreaded “1st and Final” Write up is going to be disposed of. The DM was apparently very enthusiastic about this one in saying that it would make life in general a lot easier and less stressful. As the ASM I was talking to put it… “So we can just get fired the first time with no warning?”

There were some other minor things, but nothing too important that I can remember. Also, these are thing that are GOING to be implemented, but still a ways off.

The Game Rag

“Our customers love to trade in their videogames and DVDs for cash towards pre-orders and other product,” said Miles Taco, a spokesperson for GameStop. “But what do they do when they run out of games?”

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We are still here!

June 25, 2007

If you’re reading this site and wondering where all the stories are, we’re still here.  I’ve just been on hiatus due to getting married.

I hope that’s okay with you greedy, selfish bastards.

There’ll be more stories up tomorrow morning.  We’ve got plenty to post.

Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites

“In our final part of this series you will learn what happens to forgotten pre-orders, how inventory is distributed based on a pre-sell plan and we’ll attempt to answer questions and concerns made from comments in part one”

Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites

A former EB Games manager explains the science of pre-order pushing.

“As you can see, the company backs preordering because it increases unit quantities and ensures better and bigger profits from trading and the sales of used games.

“Now I won’t argue that the store employees are, for the most part, rude individuals. But now you can see the people running the show are even worse and think even less of their CORE demographic.”