Store: GameStop
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota at Mall of America, 3rd floor.
Employee Description: ahh….too old to be working at the mall?
Submitted By: Jackie Steege

Allow me to preface this with this is a bad GameStop: Mall Rats +
Gaming store = mediocrity.

Anyway, a woman comes into the store looking to buy an Xbox 360 for
her son I think. The guy tells her that the Xbox 360 is hard to find
(this is after the release of the Ps3, and after the warranty on the
Xbox 360s were extended), which is a dirty lie. He also tells her that
he happens to have one in the backroom, just for her! The sales clerk
then begins to tell her that the Xbox 360 has been having some
problems, and he thinks it’s best for her investment to not only buy a
cooling unit for it, but also one of those great service plans (which
are good only when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out) , since “the
Xbox 360 has a very very very limited warranty, and Microsoft hardly
honors it at all. If it lights on fire, I doubt Microsoft would even
fix it.”

The woman gets really concerned about the Xbox 360 burning down her
house and the man attempts to sell the cooling unit (a bunch of fans
strapped to an xbox), as a preventative anti fire device. He told her
“They made these coolers so that your Xbox 360 can’t start on fire.
Yeah, people are having a lot of problems with these consoles and
fire, and this works super well. I have like 5 attached to my xbox at
home.” The woman, who is still concerned about her Xbox 360 starting
the entire place on fire asks, “so this (the cooling thing for an
Xbox 360) will stop a fire?” To which GameStop employee replies, “Absolutely.”

She ends up leaving because she’s so concerned about the fire risk
and doesn’t want to buy one at all.