Crusading for Games

June 26, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Monterey County, CA
Employee Description: Chunky African-American male
Submitted By: Alex

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition came out last Wednesday. I hadn’t pre-ordered it because I figured the demand for this game wouldn’t be as high as other such games. I was pretty confident I would be able to walk into EB Games and pick up a copy. I was right, or so I thought.

My local EB gets their packages from UPS at around 11:30am to 1:00pm. About 90% of the time, their packages arrive pretty early. Last Wednesday was no different.

I called EB at around 11:30 and asked them if TR: Anniversary Edition had arrived yet. The manager told me that a few boxes had arrived but they hadn’t checked them yet, to call back in 30 minutes. Ok, I thought, they are probably swamped over there so I’ll just run my errands first and get there around 12 to grab my copy.

Half an hour later, I arrive to an empty EB store with 3 employees working. One of them was doing something around the DS games, the other one was doing some sh*t behind the counter and the manager was standing there looking at some binders. The manager asks me “How can I help you boss?”

I tell him I want to grab a copy of the new Tomb Raider, to which he proceeds to tell me that they still haven’t opened their boxes. I stare at him, then at the other two retards acting like they are working and I ask, “Well, when are you going to open them?”

He then says, “Come back in 30 minutes and we’ll have them open by then “. To which I say “Dude, I’m on my lunch break and you said that to me 30 minutes ago. Can’t you just open them real quick and grab me a copy for the PC?” He then gives me this blank stare probably thinking, “Ugh, annoying *ssholes.”

I respond by just standing there waiting. Needless to say, it was a very awkward situation but f*ck me if they weren’t blatantly being lazy about their jobs. After what seemed like a good few minutes, the guy realized that I was on a mission from God and that to me, this was the f*cking Crusades.

Ok, not really but c’mon man, I didn’t want to have to come back later, especially with gas prices costing an arm and a leg plus your soul. So stop being a lazy git and get me my f*cking game! It will take you all of one minute to cut open a few boxes and find the correct item. And, honestly, it did because a few minutes later he came out with my PC copy of Tomb Raider. Which was good news because Wayne Brady was about to choke a b*tch. And no, I don’t want all the other crap you are selling to me either.

By the time I got out of there I was fuming. Does it really have to be this bad to pick up a game? I think not.

/end story

I know my story cusses a lot but I think it perfectly reiterates how most people feel when dealing with this kind of crap.