Crusading for Games

June 26, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Monterey County, CA
Employee Description: Chunky African-American male
Submitted By: Alex

Tomb Raider: Anniversary Edition came out last Wednesday. I hadn’t pre-ordered it because I figured the demand for this game wouldn’t be as high as other such games. I was pretty confident I would be able to walk into EB Games and pick up a copy. I was right, or so I thought.

My local EB gets their packages from UPS at around 11:30am to 1:00pm. About 90% of the time, their packages arrive pretty early. Last Wednesday was no different.

I called EB at around 11:30 and asked them if TR: Anniversary Edition had arrived yet. The manager told me that a few boxes had arrived but they hadn’t checked them yet, to call back in 30 minutes. Ok, I thought, they are probably swamped over there so I’ll just run my errands first and get there around 12 to grab my copy.

Half an hour later, I arrive to an empty EB store with 3 employees working. One of them was doing something around the DS games, the other one was doing some sh*t behind the counter and the manager was standing there looking at some binders. The manager asks me “How can I help you boss?”

I tell him I want to grab a copy of the new Tomb Raider, to which he proceeds to tell me that they still haven’t opened their boxes. I stare at him, then at the other two retards acting like they are working and I ask, “Well, when are you going to open them?”

He then says, “Come back in 30 minutes and we’ll have them open by then “. To which I say “Dude, I’m on my lunch break and you said that to me 30 minutes ago. Can’t you just open them real quick and grab me a copy for the PC?” He then gives me this blank stare probably thinking, “Ugh, annoying *ssholes.”

I respond by just standing there waiting. Needless to say, it was a very awkward situation but f*ck me if they weren’t blatantly being lazy about their jobs. After what seemed like a good few minutes, the guy realized that I was on a mission from God and that to me, this was the f*cking Crusades.

Ok, not really but c’mon man, I didn’t want to have to come back later, especially with gas prices costing an arm and a leg plus your soul. So stop being a lazy git and get me my f*cking game! It will take you all of one minute to cut open a few boxes and find the correct item. And, honestly, it did because a few minutes later he came out with my PC copy of Tomb Raider. Which was good news because Wayne Brady was about to choke a b*tch. And no, I don’t want all the other crap you are selling to me either.

By the time I got out of there I was fuming. Does it really have to be this bad to pick up a game? I think not.

/end story

I know my story cusses a lot but I think it perfectly reiterates how most people feel when dealing with this kind of crap.

Store: Micromania
Location: Champs-Elysées, Paris, France
Employee Description: Marty McFly
Submitted By: Pomme

I was wandering in the store, checking some new games. It was about 5 months before the Xbox 360 launch, pre-orders were open and the clerk and I started a conversation on the abilities of the next Microsoft console. We talked about achievements and all, and then he told me that he went to a Microsoft conference the day before where Microsoft officials announced that we would be able to install any PC game in the 360 (especially the new Age of Empire 3), and that on top of it, it would boost graphics with no loading times, etc…

Yeah right.

Store: EB Games
Location: New Orleans, LA
Employee: Thug
Submitted By: Humanoise

Okay, so I like all kinds of games – whatever – but I’ve always liked adventure games the most (of the point-n-click kind). There is an EB Games by my house that for some reason last year fired everyone and hired straight up ghetto thugs from my neighborhood. They always have their friends there and play sports games on ALL three systems that are set up for up coming or new games. I know they carry PC games and adventures because that is where I buy them at. So when I called for Moment of Silence they said,

“What kind of game is it?”

Now why would that matter… plus the website said they had it and when I told him that he said,

“Well the site isn’t for our store it’s for the company and the web site can’t know what we have in stock.”

Wrong – at 8 AM the site gets updated with stock info for the stores and you can search… blahblahblah.

So then he says,

“We don’t carry adventure games we only carry big name games like Halo and GTA and Madden football.”

“That’s the only type of games you have?” I said.

Get this… “You know videogame magazines? We only get games from those.”

WTF is that?… Anyways, I went in two days later and the game was on the shelf but it was a different guy… Thats my story.