Pre-Order Piracy

August 12, 2007

Store: EB Games
Location: Invercargill, New Zealand
Employee Description: It was a woman. Sounded fairly knowledgeable about gaming, as you will encounter.
Submitted By: beans

I was bored one day and decided to step into the local EB Games and see what was new there (which usually isn’t much, since it’s a fairly small store which services a population of about 90,000).

The clerk at the counter recognized me and said we went to primary school together many years ago. However, I have a selective memory and trying to remember names from 15 odd years ago is hard to come by. Even her name tag didn’t give me any clues.

So I decided to change the subject. I picked up a pre-order case of Pokémon Diamond and asked her how the pre-orders were going (this was June/July – the game didn’t come out here till recently). She beamed at me and said very well – they had enough to justify doing a midnight launch (I don’t know if they actually went ahead with that or not).

Putting the box down, I went over to her and we just started talking about the game – I ordered my copy online from Canada back in May and was halfway through it. She leaned over to me, looked around cautiously (we were the only two people in the building) and whispered…

“I downloaded my copy and put it on a flash cart.”

Forced Pre-Order

June 9, 2007

Store: GameStop
Location: Chicago, IL on Cermak
Employee Description: Tall Chubby Dude
Submitted By: elberto

So Pokemon Diamond and Pearl had just come out a few days earlier and are
supposed to be amazing. I’ve played all the main Pokemon games and decided
why not get Diamond? I also didn’t have a DS so I thought I’d just buy both the game and system.

I walk into the store:”You guys have anymore DS lites?” “Yeah here you go.”
“Could I also get Pokemon Diamond?” “Yeah you see the thing is I can’t sell
you Pokemon if you don’t reserve a game. Any game will do, any accessory,
just five dollars. Okay lemme just ring you up…”

The employee tried to go ahead and ring me up until I stopped him. I kept
saying no and no yet he continued. He finally stopped when I told him I
didn’t want the game anymore. He then tried to ring up the DS. I stopped
him again there. I left and decided to go to a Target store nearby. Wham,
bam and I currently have 60 pokemon and counting.

Store: GameStop
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Employee Description: Pokémon Jerk
Submitted By: J Gab

I went in to a Gamespot a few days after the new Pokemon games came out to pick one up. After hearing all the reviews and knowing how addictive the game could be, I thought I might as well. So while I was in there the guy asks me if I want to preorder something, so I take a look at the list. This is what goes down:

“Yeah so if you like Pokemon you might want to pre-order Pokemon Battle Revolution.”

“Oh nah, I heard it was just like the old Pokemon Stadiums”

“Well, it’s going to be the ONLY online game for Wii this year.”

At this point I was just thinking “umm…no” I had to tell him sarcastically…

“I’m pretty sure there are more. I even heard that there are going to be some third party games online.”

“That’d be sweet”

I’m not sure if he was just ignorant or was seriously trying to get me into pre-ordering the game by saying anything. Either way, I’m not planning on returning there.