Pre-order Stalker

July 29, 2007

Store: GameStop, Software, Etc.
Location: Bay Shore, NY
Employee Description: Some punk teen with bad acne who thought he was big because he was a manager/man with a glass eye in his left socket
Submitted By: Andrew

I went to my local GameStop located near the South Shore Mall in Bay Shore, NY. I wanted to pick up Guitar Hero II and an adapter to play it on the PS3. I asked this fragile looking kid who was probably around 15 years old yet acted like some pro wrestler on steroids, if they had the adapter. He said that he had just sold out that morning and then proceeded to ask me if I wanted to pre-order Guitar Hero III for PS3. I said “No, Thank you” and left the store.

I then walked across the parking lot to the mall and went into Software, Etc. I was able to find the adapter and a copy of Guitar Hero II. As I was about to make my purchase, the man with the glass eye behind the counter pulled out a huge binder and asked if I would like to pre-order Guitar Hero III. I again said no thanks.

This was when things got weird for me. The kid from the other store walked into the same store I was at and went behind the counter and was talking with some of the guys. He then proceeded to push me to pre-order other games I had no interest in. I asked him if he had followed me and he said exactly “I like you and I didn’t want you to miss out on the hottest game of the year when it comes out.” I told him “No worries, but Best Buy will have GHIII when it comes out” and left the store.

What weirdos.

Store: Game Crazy
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Employee: Manager
Submitted By: Ryu

Was in Game Crazy, picking up my copy of Oblivion, and got to talking to the manager about Halo 3 and PS3. I mentioned that the reasons why I wasn’t getting a PS3 and was sticking with the Xbox 360 was because Hi-def was useless to me, as I dont have an HD TV, and because Halo 3 was only on 360. He responded with something along these lines: “Oh yeah? Well too bad for you, cause Halo 3 is only coming on out HD DVD, Microsoft said so, so guess what sucker? You gotta buy one anyways. Sucks to be you.”

I stared at him for a few moments, and then laughed in his face and walked out. I told all my friends and family, and Game Crazy has since then lost all of our business. Never in my life have I been treated so rudely at any store before.

Store: GameStop
Location: Bloomington, Minnesota at Mall of America, 3rd floor.
Employee Description: ahh….too old to be working at the mall?
Submitted By: Jackie Steege

Allow me to preface this with this is a bad GameStop: Mall Rats +
Gaming store = mediocrity.

Anyway, a woman comes into the store looking to buy an Xbox 360 for
her son I think. The guy tells her that the Xbox 360 is hard to find
(this is after the release of the Ps3, and after the warranty on the
Xbox 360s were extended), which is a dirty lie. He also tells her that
he happens to have one in the backroom, just for her! The sales clerk
then begins to tell her that the Xbox 360 has been having some
problems, and he thinks it’s best for her investment to not only buy a
cooling unit for it, but also one of those great service plans (which
are good only when the manufacturer’s warranty runs out) , since “the
Xbox 360 has a very very very limited warranty, and Microsoft hardly
honors it at all. If it lights on fire, I doubt Microsoft would even
fix it.”

The woman gets really concerned about the Xbox 360 burning down her
house and the man attempts to sell the cooling unit (a bunch of fans
strapped to an xbox), as a preventative anti fire device. He told her
“They made these coolers so that your Xbox 360 can’t start on fire.
Yeah, people are having a lot of problems with these consoles and
fire, and this works super well. I have like 5 attached to my xbox at
home.” The woman, who is still concerned about her Xbox 360 starting
the entire place on fire asks, “so this (the cooling thing for an
Xbox 360) will stop a fire?” To which GameStop employee replies, “Absolutely.”

She ends up leaving because she’s so concerned about the fire risk
and doesn’t want to buy one at all.

Store: EB Games
Location: The Strip, North Canton, Ohio
Employee Description: Some big dude with dark hair
Submitted By: Neil Weakland

I was in need of a new AC adapter for my GameCube (don’t ask why) so I went to an EB games to get a new one. As I was looking around for one, I heard the sales clerk telling a woman on the phone that the PS3 was going to retail for over 800 dollars and that she should look into a 360. This was before anyone knew how much the PS3 would cost. So after he was off the phone I asked him if they had a GameCube AC adapter, He told me that because Nintendo blah blah blah blah, they don’t allow third parties to make AC adapters for the gamecube.

The next day I went to the EB games in Belden Village Mall (literally, like a mile and a half away) and bought a GameCube AC adapter from the company Intec.

Store: EB Games
Location: Pittsburgh, PA – Forbes St.
Employee: Young Prick
Submitted By: DJBabs

After securing myself a Wii over winter break in New Jersey, I decided to preorder a copy of WiiPlay upon returning to graduate school in Pittsburgh. I received the automated call on the Monday of the release saying that it would be in the next day, so I decided to go pick it up with my girlfriend after my class got out at 4 PM.

We walk in, and while she is looking around at some of the games, I go up to the counter and ask the young prick behind it for my preorder (interrupting him talking about how hot my GF was to another employee). He snapped back that they didn’t get them in today, and won’t be getting them in for another 2 days. I retorted that I got the automated call the previous day saying that it would be in the store by noon on Tuesday (it after 4 PM) and then asked why they would be getting them in two days later. His response was that since the store is on the East coast, and all the games are shipped from the west coast on Monday, the east coast stores don’t get new games in on Tuesdays and instead get them on Thursdays. I said that was ridiculous since I had been preordering stuff at a New Jersey EB Games since I preordered the Dreamcast and that they always got the new games in on Tuesdays. His then decided to basically shout, “well I don’t know what planet you are from, but East Coast GameStops and EB Games never get their games in on Tuesday!”

I demand my preorder money back, and say I’ll drive over to Best Buy and pick it up there. The prick responded that I couldn’t get the preorder money back since the game was already released (even though they didn’t have it yet), but I could transfer the money over to another purchase and then tried to get me to buy a PS3. I eventually argued my way to get my money back and as we walked out the door, the young prick shouted at my GF, “loose the dick that thinks he knows when we get our shipments in and go out with me!”

We then drover over to Best Buy and found stacks of WiiPlays. I have refused to step foot in that EB again.