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Hello. I am an employee of said “evil corporation” and I just wanted to send a rebuttal on the hopes that maybe you would post it so the people that hate us can see.

I’ll start off by saying, yes, this company is extremely monopolizing, and yes, many of their practices suck. Having said that, I have worked for the company for nearly four years, since I was a little sopohomore in high school and now I am assistant manager at my store. I have mostly been treated fairly and never really have I had any times when I thought the company was really hammering nails up my *ss (there have been days where it felt so, but overall, no).

I have read many of the posts on the site, and sadly, I know many of them to be true, and have witnessed it myself in many other stores. But guess what, I have barely seen any posts talking about GOOD stores, or nice people. It’s always “mean nickname” did this, or “nerdy teen with pimples” said that. You know what, my store hasnt done half the sh*t that we as a whole get slammed for on here. Yep, I ask if you wanna pre-order a game – if you say no, I may ask you once more if you’re sure and then move on to something else. I’m not mean about it, I try to keep it as friendly as possible and I get on with my day. AND, when the games come in, I find out how many are reserved and set THAT EXACT amount (sealed, mind you) in the back counter until you can come to get it. Now obviously I cant hold it forever back there – I can only hold it for 48 hours. But for most games (especially lesser known games) I’ll keep it back there for nearly a week. That’s a pretty good chunk of time to hold it, especially since my DM would probably have my *ss for not selling it right away. Hmmm. Isn’t that just nice of me.

And the subscription we offer is a good deal. You’re getting a very good magazine for a year for fifteen bucks, and if you happen to buy a used game, you save a few dollars. If you dont want it, just say no. I’ll leave you alone. I’m sorry if I ask you again the next time you come into the store and you say no. I ask everybody, it’s my job. It isn’t my job to remember EVERY person who comes to the store. I remember a lot of people, especially if they come in often. But I’m only a human being, I dont have a photographic memory and I apologize to you all for that.

I’m not asking anyone on this site to stop posting their stories about some of the idiots and racists who work for the company in some places (hell, I would most definitely want to hear about it if one of my employees is being a douche, so i could straighten it out) all that I am asking is for you to at least acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of great stores out there too, and that they will help you. And be nicer to some of our employees. Incessant name bashing and making fun of their appearance just isn’t right. Bash on their salesmanship all you want but these are people who dont know you personally. What makes you any better to trash people so unabashedly?

So in closing, yes, the company is a monopoly. Yes, there are many sh*tty stores out there. But there are a lot of good stores with good people too, and it sucks that they have to follow the crazy things GameStop tends to do, but they will help you as best as they possibly can. I know I would (unless you call me a lying motherf*cker to my face for sayin I would give you five dollars for a game three weeks ago, and now it has went down in price – prices fluctuate, look at gas – please don’t yell at me like that in my store or I will kick you out, I do have a limit). I would just like to see people posting something about the good service at a store for once, even if the company is killing competition. Thanks for taking the time to read this, hopefully anyway.

Leave me anonymous – you know why – even if I am a nice guy and great manager, they can still fire me for no reason, because that’s how the CORPORATE side works. But for the consumer all that matters (most of the time) is the sales floor and the people on it (unless GameStop pulls some bonehead pricing fiasco, in which case I’m sorry, but it’s out of my hands – please don’t yell at me).


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Hello Nathan, I stumbled across your website and was more than a little
surprised to find this post;

Because yeah, that was me. My names not Joe Moron, either. I was that
employee and I totally remember that entire incident. Look man, I’m just
trying to do my job. It sucks working where I work. They make you force game
insurance, second-hand software and pre-ordering onto every customer with
absolutely no incentives. If I can lie my way into some John Anybody buying
a set of speakers, then they consider that a job well done.

This isn’t a rebuttal so much as a suggestion. Remember that the employees
at major gaming chains are, for the most part, good people who have sold or
are in the process of selling their souls to the corporate giants that hand
out their paychecks. Yeah, there’s some real _ssholes that work for stores
like mine, I know quite a few. But I also know heaps of nice people who
unfortunately are in the employ of a evil retail corporation.

Thankfully, I’m not working there much longer. I’ve handed in my notice and
am leaving within a month to pursue other work. Honestly, I won’t miss
working there at all.


PS – Trading is such a rip off it boggles my mind. I’ve seen games traded in
for $5 that were then on the shelf for $94.95. That’s close to a two
thousand percent markup in price. GameStop sales hit $5.3 billion US dollars
last year, because people like me make minimum wage and sell games that are
95% profit. I hate this company.